How to Arrange a Barbecue Party in Your Front Yard During the Pandemic

How to Arrange a Barbecue Party in Your Front Yard During the Pandemic

It has probably been a while since you last arranged a barbecue party at your place. With drastic improvements in the nationwide COVID-19 situation, perhaps it is time you organize another BBQ. This time, however, things will have to be a bit different than usual. And to help you out, here are a few quick tips on arranging a BBQ party at your front yard during COVID.

Consult Your Local Health and Safety Guidelines

Thanks to the ongoing vaccination program, health authorities are relaxing COVID restrictions to some extent. And they will continue to do so as more people get themselves vaccinated. However, even if the situation is getting better, you should still play it safe for now. Hence, before organizing the party or inviting your guests, consult with your local health and safety guidelines. These guidelines will vary from town to town and state to state. So be sure to check with a health official if you have any confusion regarding these guidelines.

The safety of your guests, as well as yourself, should be your top priority. Thus, unless your local health and safety officials give you the go-ahead, you should avoid organizing such outdoor events.

Check the Weather

Bad weather can ruin any outdoor event. Barbecue parties will be almost impossible to carry out if there is heavy rainfall. Besides, it will also feel unpleasant outdoors if the temperatures are high. Thus, to keep things pleasant, you should organize the event at a day and time when the weather looks near to perfect. 

Keep yourself updated on the local weather forecasts. Try to find a day and time with ideal weather conditions for outdoor events. Keep an eye out for any drastic changes in your local weather patterns. They could signal the possibility of a summer storm.

Prepare a Guest List

Any party, be it indoor or outdoor, should be an invite-only event. No matter who you invite, try to keep the guest list small. The lesser the number of guests, the better it will be for you to handle things. Plus, a small gathering is more preferred over a large one, given the circumstances.  

Prepare the Yard

You will probably be organizing the barbecue at your front yard or patio. Hence, you should check to see if it needs any changes. If you notice cracks on the concrete floor, seal them accordingly. Afterward, apply a coating of slab paint to make it look as good as new. Painting the floor should not take long. However, consider getting it done at least a week before the event.

Next, identify the spaces to set up your tables, chairs, and barbecue equipment. Ensure some distance between the chairs so that people are not too close to each other. 

Finally, per health and safety guidelines, install hand washing and sanitizing stations at the entrance. It is a common practice these days, and you should follow it.

Add Some Decorations

A party without decorations will not appeal to the guests. No matter how small the party is or how troubling the times are, you cannot organize a party without decorations. So take some time to decorate the garden or yard for your party.

Once the yard has been fixed and there are no more cracks to deal with, you can start working on the decor. Start by making sure that the place itself is clean. Mow the grass and make sure it is not too tall. Trim the tree branches a little and give the garden a uniform look. Also, get rid of all the leaves around the yard.

Next, shift your focus towards the tables and chairs. Keep the arrangement spacious. People should be able to get in and out of the tables with ease. Each table should have a tablecloth over it and maybe a small flower vase. The chairs can remain as they are, or if you want, you can add a colorful ribbon behind each one of them.

Make Sure Everybody Knows the Rules

Any outdoor event during COVID will have some basic safety guidelines that everyone needs to follow. Your barbecue party should be no exception to these rules. You are already aware of some of the rules by now. For instance, it is an invite-only event and guests should sanitize their hands upon entry. Apart from all this, they should also be asked to wear face masks. You can make an exception if all the guests are fully vaccinated. 

Let your invitees know about all these rules when you send them their invites. They should only attend the event if they are comfortable with everything you ask of them.

By keeping these simple points in mind, you will be able to organize an enjoyable barbecue party with ease. Be sure to enjoy yourselves while maintaining necessary safety protocols. Soon enough, hopefully, we will be able to enjoy ourselves without having to maintain so many strict safety guidelines.



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