The Pinnacle List, a Solespire brand

The Pinnacle List stands proudly as the premier Solespire Media Brand. As we journey through the realm of luxury real estate and affluent lifestyles, our mission and values are reinforced by Solespire’s dedication to innovation, quality, and excellence in digital media.

Founded with a vision to inspire, Solespire pushes the boundaries as a global digital media technology company, curating brands that lead their respective industries and niches in delivering unparalleled digital content to audiences worldwide.

The Solespire family of brands include:

  1. Solespire: Our foundational brand and corporate identity, leading the way in innovative digital media solutions and technology.
  1. The Pinnacle List: Your gateway to luxury real estate and affluent lifestyles, showcasing the pinnacle of luxury living.
  1. TRAVOH: A journey through travel, exploring the finest destinations and experiences the world has to offer.
  1. ReelLuxe: Diving deep into the world of luxury, capturing its essence through engaging visual narratives.
  1. MD5 Gaming: Elevating the gaming experience, embracing video games, and celebrating the global gaming community.

From the diverse landscapes of luxury lifestyles showcased here on The Pinnacle List to the pioneering endeavors across other Solespire brands, our collective aim is to inform, engage, and captivate.

To learn more about our parent company, Solespire Media Inc., and its wide spectrum of media ventures, visit

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