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The Pinnacle List is a premier international luxury real estate website, quickly becoming the most leading-edge, innovative and engaging full-service property listing portal on the Internet.

Our luxury real estate listing service offers active marketing and promotion of local, national and international homes, estates and properties for sale engaging a global audience of buyers and sellers.

As an international real estate portal, we strive to be the ultimate presentation platform for luxury listings around the world with cutting-edge visual, video, and contact technologies along with next-level responsive mobile technology delivering on the important marketing and promotional needs of elite agents and brokerages worldwide.

Why The Pinnacle List

Local luxury real estate markets are now, more than ever, being reshaped by the influence of global property buyers. Investors are increasingly looking at luxury real estate as an asset class in prime markets. Financial returns, preservation of capital, political concerns and currency exchange fluctuations are increasingly affecting international property markets. The empirical evidence is clear; international forces rule the top of the luxury real estate sector in markets, such as London, Hong Kong, New York, Los Angeles, Singapore, Sydney, Miami, San Francisco, Paris, Toronto, and Vancouver.

Residential real estate around the world is a tale of two markets in every country – luxury and everything else. For the ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) buyer; location, not geography, matters. Luxury real estate can be an emotional asset; it can be a pure passion investment. But above all, what the super-rich and the ultra-wealthy really value is the lifestyle attributes that come with their property purchase.

Purchasers of luxury homes can now easily come from anywhere around the world because the Internet has unequivocally transformed the luxury real estate market into a global entity. On the flip side, in order to exceed the purchase constraints of a local real estate market, luxury home sellers need to reach external purchasers from outside their market area or international buyers that can see the intrinsic value of a premium priced luxury residence.

Some real estate portfolios of UHNW individuals include multiple properties around the world. The majority of these buyers aren’t under any pressure to buy. Consider them as buyers of opportunity. If they are exposed to the right property, they will make a purchase. That is the crux of the matter. Exposure to as many potential qualified buyers as possible is crucial. The goal is to get as many eyes on the property for sale as you can.

With over 1.0 million monthly active user page views on ThePinnacleList.com, over 1.43 million social followers on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, over 218,800 monthly views on Pinterest, and over 802,000 views on YouTube, The Pinnacle List offers an unrivalled online web/mobile/social presence for marketing luxury real estate worldwide.

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Marcus Anthony

Marcus Anthony

Co-founder, Head of The Pinnacle List

E: marcus@thepinnaclelist.com

Marcus Anthony is Head of The Pinnacle List, which he co-founded with Kris Cyganiak in 2011. As a full-stack web developer, Marcus is responsible for developing digital media infrastructure, directing brand strategy, and managing sales and operations that lead the real estate industry in innovation with The Pinnacle List’s globally recognized website, advertising platform, and full-service listing portal for local, national, and international luxury real estate.

Marcus also co-founded BuyRIC in 2009, which serves as a portal for local real estate markets. In 2016, Marcus created a popular travel brand, aptly named TRAVOH, which produces content by capturing real-time experiences and curating social influencers. Both start-ups, along with The Pinnacle List, were acquired by Solespire Media Inc. in 2017, where Marcus serves as President.

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Kris Cyganiak

Kris Cyganiak

Co-founder, Sales at The Pinnacle List

E: kris@thepinnaclelist.com
P: +1 (778) 836-3302

Kris Cyganiak is the co-founder of The Pinnacle List, which he started with his son Marcus Anthony. His keen interest in architectural photography and his passion for luxury real estate marketing led him to create The Pinnacle List as a spectacular visual presentation of luxury real estate and lifestyles around the world. Kris has been directly involved in the online marketing of some of the most expensive luxury properties in North America, including The Razor Residence in La Jolla, California, Castello della Costa d’Oro in Cambria, California along with The Bradbury Estate in California and Shelter Island Estate in Montana, as well as luxury event marketing programs involving Aston Martin and Roll-Royce.

Over the past three decades, Kris has gained extensive experience in the fields of property, sales and marketing management. As a luxury REALTOR® in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Kris’ unique perspective on the home selling and buying process along with his global expertise at The Pinnacle List has given him a wealth of critical knowledge for marketing and promoting luxury real estate to an international audience.

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Derek Alexander

Derek Alexander

Director of Social Media

E: derek@thepinnaclelist.com

Derek Alexander, along with his bother Marcus and father Kris, has played a leading role with The Pinnacle List from the very beginning. From an early age, his background in construction has given him a true appreciation for quality attributes and distinguishing factors involved in the luxury home industry. Derek’s artistic background and a keen eye for aesthetics within photography and videography have been an invaluable asset, driving key business initiatives and programs for future growth opportunities.

As the Director of Social Media, Derek is responsible for implementing The Pinnacle List social media programs across multiple networks, creating unique experiences through each promotional venue. He sets the organization’s visual identity crafting, content distribution strategies to connect with targeted audiences in driving recognition and attention to create effective social proof.

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Andrea Jauck

Andrea Jauck

Director of Sales and Marketing

E: andrea@thepinnaclelist.com
P: +1 (604) 783-3124

Andrea Jauck has had a passion for luxury properties from an early age working as the Director of Sales and Marketing with her family’s award-winning custom home business in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She spent many years appreciating the building and finishing process of luxury homes realizing a passion and appreciation of all the fine details, effort and dedication it takes in the creation of a masterpiece luxury residence. Over the past 12 years, Andrea has been a professional REALTOR® certified as a Luxury Home Specialist with the Institute of Luxury Home Marketing and has achieved premier sales and marketing status as a luxury specialist in her market area.

As the Director of Sales and Marketing, Andrea is responsible for implementing The Pinnacle List’s service programs for real estate agents that bring a new level of exceptional online marketing and sales promotion to their luxury listings with unrivalled online image presentation, contact technology, and premier web / mobile / social media presence for superior marketing and promotion of luxury real estate worldwide.

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