Casino Tipping Etiquette Around the World

Casino Tipping Etiquette Around the World

As far as casino tipping etiquette is concerned, at times, it can be quite confusing. Even, in places like Las Vegas, where money floats in the air; at times, people tend to wonder who to tip and how much to tip. And if it is confusing in Las Vegas; you can well imagine how difficult it can be in some other parts of the world. However, there is nothing to worry about! It is not as difficult, as it appears to be. As a matter of fact, it is quite simple and easy. When it comes to tipping, there is one thing that is universal. That is to tip with the gambling currency.

So, if you are using cash on the slots, in that case, you can tip the dealer who is giving a manual cash payout. If it’s a table game that you are playing, you can make use of the chips to offer a gratuity to your croupier. You also need to remember that the person who is dealing is a human being and you are tipping him to express your thanks and gratitude. Don’t forget to strike a conversation with the person and it’s a must to be polite. If you want to learn more, in that case, you can run a search over the internet.

Few Major Casino Destinations in the World

In the following section, you will be offered a brief insight into casino etiquette which is followed in different parts of the world.

  • Macau: In many ways, Macau has managed to surpass Las Vegas. It has proven to be more valuable for the owners of the casinos here, due to much higher turnover, as far as gambling is concerned. As far as the tipping culture in this part of the world is concerned, it’s the Chinese tradition which prevails. A service fee of 10% is added to the bill of the restaurant along with other costs. This is done so that you don’t have to pay a tip if you eat at the casino. However, you can always tip the dealers when you have won at the casino. However, it is not customary to pay tips here and people don’t usually pay more than 10%.
  • New Zealand and Australia: The Opera house in Sydney has been the major attraction for the tourists. However, over the years, many new and lavish casino resorts have come up, which are attracting thousands of visitors. There have been some drastic changes in both New Zealand and Australia, as far as the gambling industry is concerned; but there are certain things, which remain unchanged.

    Tipping in these two countries has never been obligatory. It is because the dealers and other service staff here get paid quite high. It needs to be mentioned in this regard that in Australia, a prohibition has been imposed when it comes to tipping gambling staff, as they consider it to be as good as bribery; which could raise questions about their fairness and integrity. So, if you ever gamble in any of these two countries, you don’t have to find yourself in a confusing state as to how much you should pay as a tip.
  • Europe and the UK: When it comes to the UK and other European countries, Casino and public gambling are legal. In Western Europe, offering tips is a very common practice. It is primarily due to the fact that there are certain laws which have been imposed for ensuring the servers at the Casinos get paid a reasonable amount of wage, without any tips.

    Until recently, in the UK casinos, tipping was considered to be illegal. However, things have changed. But carrying the tradition forward, very seldom do the British punters offer any tip to the dealers. Tipping has never been considered to be obligatory; neither do the staff expect to be tipped.  When it comes to the other parts of Western Europe, there is no concept of obligatory tipping. Tipping is however a common practice in tournaments and high roller rooms. If you move further East, you will find that tipping is a very common practice and is well accepted as well; France is one example that can be cited in this context. In countries like Germany and the Netherlands, it is considered to be rude or ostentatious if more than a 5% tip is offered.
  • Monaco: Quite similar to France, in Monaco, tipping is not a part of their Casino culture. Even when you visit some of the luxurious casinos and gambling areas; you are not expected to pay tips to the croupier. However, if you are winning and wish to share your joy, in that case, you can go ahead and offer some tips. It needs to be mentioned that it is not obligatory; and the dealers won’t judge you for your tipping. The dealers who work in these casinos are paid quite well, and at times, entry fees are also charged from the visitors. So, if you are planning to visit one of these places, all you need to do is to pay the entrance fee and enjoy your time at the casino.
  • The Caribbean: When it comes to the Caribbean, tipping is very common. No matter which Caribbean island you are at; whether it is a restaurant, bar, or a casino; you are expected to pay a generous tip wherever you go. As a matter of fact, in this part of the world, your status would be judged based on your tipping amount. So, if you ever visited any casino in the Caribbean, you need to make sure that you offered the server tips which they would appreciate. What is important is to ensure that you are being polite and gentle towards them.

These are few Casino tipping etiquettes which are followed in some parts of the world. There is plenty of information available over the internet, as far as casino tipping is concerned. If you are planning to visit a casino in some other country, in that case, it is very important for you to make sure that you are well acquainted with the casino tipping culture of that country.