Nest House Luxury Residence – Jalan Sejarah, Singapore ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ฌ

Nest House Luxury Residence - Jalan Sejarah, Singapore
  • Type: Modern Industrial
  • Bedrooms: 4 Est
  • Bathrooms: 5 Est
  • Size: 2,080 mยฒ
  • Built: 2011

The ultra-modern Nest House is intricately crafted; cradling its resting chambers in a porous lattice of timber and aluminum strips weaved into a protective curved screen that filters daylight, shields off glare and allows the rooms to breathe. Lined shadows shifting in constant tandem with the moving sun underscores the contemplative quality of its inner sanctum.

Within this cocooned shelter, privacy is mediated through the varying intensity of its fine members, which are also detailed to form bands of safety at window openings and terrace ledges. This play of lines, edges and shadows is further extended to the side walls that are cladded in timber profiles and panelling.

Behind this filigree upper sanctuary is a series of staggered solid blade walls orientated east west. These are set out in a random matrix of modular stone and pre-cast concrete blocks and given a mineral quality with their edges and coping detailed to conceal weather and staining. Taking into consideration the permissible/potential building envelope of the future neighbouring bungalow, they act as privacy walls while functioning as wind channels and light reflectors that catch cross-breezes and bounce day light and in and through the internal double storey volumes.

Living spaces on the ground open up to lush shared gardens akin to a forest, above which elevated bedrooms delicately perch in respectful poise. A delightful and comfortable micro-climate permeates these living spaces, which through the clever adoption of passive design strategies and the innovative use of simple materials, define a creative and sustainable expression for the tropical house.

  • Architect: WOHA
  • Photography: Patrick Bingham-Hall
  • Location: 9 Jin Sejarah, Singapore 299089




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