Whitewater Rafting In The Smoky Mountains – Why This Adventure Spot Should Be On Your List

Are you among those who yearn to indulge in activities that give an adrenaline rush? Do you look forward to going on trips that satisfy your adventurous streak and create lifelong memories? Several people love going for experiences that compel them to step out of their comfort zone and give them goosebumps. Rafting is an adventurous activity where people use an inflatable raft to navigate a body of water. Rafting helps people conquer aquaphobia as they maneuver the raft using paddles. Whitewater rafting is an enjoyable activity that allows people to push their bodies, giving them a core workout without thinking that they are exerting themselves. Whitewater is the term used for the unstable, bubbly current of the river. It has fast yet shallow stretches of water. While rafting in whitewater, people have to deal with the risk, which doubles the fun for adventure lovers. 

Smoky mountains are one of the famous tourist spots that host hundreds of tourists every year. It is an ideal place for adventure lovers as they can enjoy multiple activities, including whitewater rafting. People who love the thrill and enjoy being in the current of water cannot recommend a better activity than whitewater rafting in the Smoky Mountains. Whether you go to Pigeon Forge solo, on a trip with friends or family, skipping whitewater rafting would be a grave mistake. 

The following are some reasons that will convince you that white water rafting is the adventurous spot that should be on your radar:

1. Mesmerizing Views

Gatlinburg is known as a mountain town as it is a gateway to the mighty Smoky Mountains. People visit the area to get away from their machine-oriented life and spend some days in the lap of nature. The adventurous activity of White Water Rafting Gatlinburg enables people to experience captivating views. At the same time, it gives them an adrenaline rush while they navigate on the raft. Though water is unstable, the sky and river create a mesmerizing effect, and people feel amazed by the natural beauty. Although the town offers several other activities, adventurous people enjoy rafting in the river overlooking the majestic mountains. 

2. Entirely Safe

Adventurous people live for the experience that deals with dangers. The thrill they feel when they conquer their fears and come out safely from dangers gives them goosebumps. Nonetheless, most people are wise and understand that trying out completely unsafe adventurous activities is not a wise idea. Whitewater rafting offers its share of an adventurous streak; still, it is entirely safe. Experienced guides accompany tourists on every trip and have high-quality rafts. Guides offer a 20-minute talk session before the activity where they answer all questions of people going on the trip. In addition, they have a water-proof first-aid kit in case of accidents during rafting. Tourists do not have to worry about anything as they thoroughly drive pleasure from the experience.

3. Operates Even During Rains

Nothing ruins tourists’ plans more than the weather. In many cases, people plan for their vacation, spend money and visit their favorite spots with many dreams, and unpredictable weather conditions hinder their enjoyment. Whitewater rafting is a great fun activity that runs even in the rain. People who have experienced rafting in the rain often claim that the weather doubled their fun and relished the experience. Professional rafting guides may delay the activity and start a few minutes late to let the storm pass. Nonetheless, they hardly cancel the activity, citing the weather as a reason, and generally operate safely even in rainfall.

4. Chance to Meet New People

Rafting is a group activity, but that does not mean that people going solo miss out on the fun. Companies group up people and provide them with a chance to increase their social circle. The activity lasts for about more than two hours, giving people ample time to bond with each other. People who go on tours with groups can take water rafting as an opportunity to bond within a group as they get to see a different side of friends. They have a blast together and create memories that last for a lifetime. 

5. Discounted Rates

Another reason you should consider whitewater rafting is that while everything is overpriced, this does not have high costs. The adventurous activity does not break the bank as it is affordable. Moreover, when people book it for a group, companies generally give them a group discounted rate. People can book the activity without visiting the place in person as professional staff deal on phones and the internet. They provide interested people with all related information and answer questions in detail. 

6. Excellent River Condition

Whitewater rafting in Tennessee is famous for the superb condition of the Pigeon River. Unlike other places, people can enjoy white water rafting in the Pigeon River for most of the year. Although water can be unstable at times, it is controllable and makes whitewater rafting even more thrilling. Nature is in control there and offers a unique experience. People have a choice to take either a 6.5-mile trip on the Upper Pigeon River or opt for a 5.5-mile ride on the Lower Pigeon River. Still, the condition in both areas is excellent, offering a one-of-a-kind experience of whitewater rafting. 

7. Other Adventurous Activities

The Smoky Mountains is a hub of many exciting activities. One of the reasons people visit the mesmerizing place is that they can enjoy multiple activities in one trip. Aside from the thrilling experience of whitewater rafting, people can hike on mountains to offer breathtaking views from the top. They can dive into the Pigeon River or visit nearby areas that offer various fun activities. Camping is another excellent activity for adventure lovers. The Smoky Mountains have ample space where people can put up camps and have a great time. 


Whitewater rafting pushes people to the limit and gives them a pleasurable experience as they navigate on inflatable rafts in dangerous waters. People get goosebumps as they steer clear of dangers and feel thrilled when they return safely after a fun activity. Whitewater rafting in the Smoky Mountains can be an unforgettable experience. People return with a promise of coming back to enjoy it again. Moreover, Pigeon Forge in Tennessee is a paradise for nature and adventure lovers to enjoy multiple activities on one trip. Whitewater river rafting should be a must-do activity on every adventure lover’s list as the experience is inexplicable.



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