Robb Stroyke
Luxury Real Estate Agent

Manhattan Beach, CA, USA
Robb Stroyke is the co-founder of Bayside, a preeminent high-end brokerage and real estate development firm based in Manhattan Beach, CA. He partners with his brother, Bryn Stroyke, in leading the Stroyke Properties Group at Bayside. Robb graduated from USC’s Marshall School of Business with a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business. In his first year of college, he played football for the University of Nebraska with the legendary Tom Osborne. After graduating from USC, he began his career in commercial real estate development and leasing. He then went on to advance his real estate expertise as a licensed residential appraiser in the early 1990s. Real estate has been a daily conversation in Robb’s life from a young age; his parents were both successful realtors in the South Bay. He joined the family business in 1993, bringing a unique appraisal perspective to the art of listing and selling residential real estate. This approach has proven as profitable as it is unique: Robb consistently achieves record-setting sale prices for his clients. He has been involved in some of the biggest development projects in Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach and has significantly contributed to the evolution of the South Bay community into a luxury market. The local real estate community appreciates Robb’s integrity and ethics. He has an earned reputation for expertise in pricing luxury homes, and his clients have benefited greatly from his guidance. Whether selling or buying in the beach cities, those who work with Robb are working with a local professional with over 25 years of experience. His knowledge of the nuances within the South Bay real estate market is what drives the financial success of his clients. Robb is a born and bred local and a bit of a big-wave surf legend. He lives in Hermosa Beach with his wife and three children. He and his family enjoy spending time together at their ranch in Montana.

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