Top 5 Things To Consider When Choosing Solar Screens For Your Home

Top 5 Things To Consider When Choosing Solar Screens For Your Home

Windows are a fantastic way to allow natural light to enter your home or apartment, but 76 percent of that light becomes heat upon entering your home. The extra heat results in higher energy bills to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. With energy costs rising, finding a solution for insulation and sun control is essential for your finances.

Solar screens provide an affordable way to keep the heat out of your home without compromising your home’s aesthetics. You’ll maintain your home’s stunning design while adding to your privacy and stable interior temperatures.

Fortunately, you’ve found the perfect guide to learn the five things to consider when shopping for solar screens for your home or apartment. Continue reading to protect your home from UV rays and save money on energy today!

1. UV Protection

Ultraviolet rays are a significant cause of cancer, and they’ll damage flooring and furniture in your home if you allow considerable exposure over time. The best solar screens provide substantial protection from these harmful rays. Work with a professional technician to select the perfect screens for optimal protection.

Screens that offer higher levels of protection will cost more. Consider that when developing a budget for your next home upgrade. You can visit for the best options for privacy and sun control.

2. Consider Your Climate

The local climate plays a significant role in determining if your home is a good fit for solar screens. Your solar screens should have the durability and fabric to withstand the sunlight they’ll absorb.

You’ll need a much sturdier screen in sunny regions like Arizona than in Maine. Work with the experts to find the best fabric for your climate.

3. Find the Best Design

You want to find solar screens that add value and beauty to your home. Consider the aesthetics when shopping for the best options to provide insulation and protection to your home.

Most sunscreens go with neutral colors to match most home designs. It’s a universal color that provides extra privacy. Look at colors that complement your siding and shutters for the best look.

4. Know Your Budget

Setting a budget when shopping for solar screens will prevent excessive spending and impulse buys. Some solar screens are inexpensive and require little maintenance, while others cost you more. It’s worth paying extra to get improved insulation and UV protection.

5. Consider Kids and Pets

Kids and pets are the biggest threats to your solar screens. Most solar screens use flimsy material, so consider a hardy fabric if you have children and pets. A sturdy screen will provide durability to last years.

Start Comparing Solar Screens Today

Solar screens are an excellent way to maintain stable temperatures in your home while protecting flooring and furniture from UV rays. Set a budget when considering options for sun control, and choose a fabric that will stand up to children and pets. Consider your climate when picking out the best solution for insulation and privacy.

Adding value to your home starts with knowing the areas to improve to add curb appeal. Read more of our Real Estate and Home blog content for engaging articles filled with tips and advice!


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