Why Should You Hire A Certified Arborist For Tree Management Services?

Why Should You Hire A Certified Arborist For Tree Management Services?

When you have moved into a new neighborhood, it is natural for you to want to clean up the area around your house of dead and dying trees and trees that pose a hazard. It is easy to be tempted by the low rates offered by the local tree trimming services, but it is invariably far better to hire a certified arborist.

What Does an Arborist Do?

According to the International Society of Arboriculture, they are trained professionals who know the science and art of planting and maintaining all kinds of trees and plants. Arborists also know to diagnose and treat trees if they suffer from any illness and how to prevent them from becoming a hazard to people and houses. The best arborists possess certifications issued by arborist societies or associations. Here is a quick look at the top benefits a certified arborist can deliver:

Arborists Possess Extensive Knowledge about Trees and Tree Care

The most compelling reason to hire a firm with certified arborists like Signature Tree Solutions is you can be sure has lots of knowledge and skill about how to take care of trees.

A certification from a professional arborist society ensures the arborist possesses a certain degree of skill and knowledge that assures you of access to the best possible insights into tree maintenance and landscaping issues. Typically, you can expect a certified arborist to possess knowledge of various aspects of tree care, like their biology, diagnosis of pests and illnesses, safety, maintenance, and removal. A certified arborist will have all the special tools and techniques to ensure high-quality job execution that does not damage the trees proper pest management.

Certified Arborists Deliver a Wide Range of Tree-Related Services

When you hire a certified professional arborist, you can be sure he will have adequate expertise and experience in various tree management services like pruning, tree removal, cabling and bracing limbs, pest and disease control, soil aeration, protecting trees, and consulting services on legal and landscaping.

Pruning trees periodically help the trees to remain healthy and in good shape. Pruning helps foster new growth and protects them from diseases with extra airflow. A certified arborist also knows the best time for pruning trees and how to stop the sap from attracting insects. A tree that has fallen due to the impact of a storm needs efficient removal without damaging your property. Similarly, you must remove a dead tree before it falls and damages your house. A certified arborist is the best person to cut down and remove the tree, including the stump, without endangering the house or life and limb of the people involved. The arborist will also clean up your premises of all leaves, bark, wood shavings, branches, etc.


You can hire an arborist for many other reasons too. For example, you may need consulting and legal counsel if the branches of the trees extend into your neighbor’s yard or if the tree roots become a tripping hazard on the sidewalk. You can also seek their opinion for landscaping or protecting your trees during a construction project. They can also provide invaluable assistance in planting trees best suited to your environment.


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