Luxury Catamarans are Increasingly Becoming the Charter Vessel of Choice

Luxury Catamarans are Increasingly Becoming the Charter Vessel of Choice - This Is It - Tecnomar - Luxury Yacht

Catamarans are rising in popularity, both in the luxury charter and yacht sales markets.

According to the latest reports, the global catamaran market size was worth US$1.35 billion and, from 2022 to 2030, is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 5.8%.

The growth of luxury catamarans is multi-faceted. Rising global wealth means that the yachting industry as a whole has witnessed incredible growth. However, catamarans, in particular, have seen a significant spike due to their enhanced stability, incredible volume, and the evolution of modern design and construction, which enables a luxury catamaran to turn heads as much as more traditional motor yachts.

What are the benefits of chartering a luxury catamaran?

There are multiple benefits to choosing to cruise aboard a luxury catamaran. These include:

Enhanced space

Without question, one of the primary benefits of a luxury catamaran is the incredible onboard volume that they offer compared to the same-sized mono-hull vessel. This is due to the wide beam of these vessels, which creates spectacular volume. Luxury catamarans offer voluminous living spaces ideal for large groups of friends and families or those seeking a more homely space for extended periods at sea. This enhanced volume has enabled yacht designers to break away from traditional yacht design and create versatile spaces that better mirror the way a younger generation of yachting enthusiasts are using their luxury vessels.

Shallow drafts

The buoyancy of parallel hulls means that luxury catamarans often boast a shallower draft compared to similarly sized mono-hull motor yachts. This enables them to access shallower waters, giving them the option of anchoring in more secluded bays and exploring areas that might be off-limits to deeper-draft vessels, putting more destinations within reach.

Increased stability

The twin-hull design of catamarans provides excellent stability and seakeeping on the water, with the wide platform reducing heeling compared to mono-hulls. This contributes to a smoother sailing experience, reducing the chances of seasickness and providing enhanced comfort for all guests onboard.

Fuel efficiency

An additional benefit of luxury catamarans is their fuel efficiency due to their lightweight construction and hull design. The latest catamarans are also being developed with pioneering technology, which enables them to cruise sustainably. The design of catamarans means that many can be powered by sails; however, others boast cutting-edge green propulsion technologies, including solar panels and innovative exhaust gas treatment technologies.

What is the world’s largest luxury motor catamaran for charter?

The world’s largest luxury motor catamaran for charter is THIS IS IT, a 43.5-metre vessel.

Luxury catamaran THIS IS IT enjoyed her global debut at the Monaco Yacht Show 2023. This incredible yacht was built by Tecnomar, part of The Italian Sea Group, and is available for luxury yacht charters from 2024, including Greece in the summer and the Red Sea in the winter.

A highlight of this luxury catamaran is her superb volume, boasting vast spaces for relaxing, entertaining, and dining, including a voluminous salon with games and TV area, two bars, a swimming room, a massage room, and a galley with shatter-proof polarised glass for events and show cooking.

Her striking, futuristic design and ultra-luxurious interiors demonstrate how luxury yacht builders are re-imagining catamaran design, showcasing how these multi-hull vessels are on par with the world’s finest superyachts.

How does a luxury catamaran cruise on the water?

Catamarans boast two widely spaced hulls and traditionally are powered by sails, which can be adjusted to catch the wind from different angles, with a small motor engine used for manoeuvring in tight spaces, including for berthing.

Some modern luxury catamarans are fitted with motors only, with advances in modern technology enabling motor propulsion to be as equally green as sail-power. Known as power catamarans, these innovative vessels represent a growing market, especially in the luxury market. This can be seen not only by the number of catamarans being built by luxury yacht builders but also by the number of online searches. In August 2022 alone, there were over 322,000 searches for catamarans, the highest number in over five years.

How can I charter a luxury catamaran?

There is no question that the luxury catamaran market is growing as an increasing number of people realise the benefits of these superb vessels. If you would like to charter a luxury catamaran, contact a reputable charter brokerage. They will be able to match you with your ideal multi-hull yacht and craft and an incredible charter itinerary that meets your vacation needs.


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