How to Prevent Fires in Commercial Kitchens? John Spach Explains

How to Prevent Fires in Commercial Kitchens? John Spach Explains

Fire causes damage to life and property on a large scale. In the workplace, it is a risk to the life of employees. Moreover, for homeowners and people working in commercial kitchens, fire is a danger. If it is let loose and handled unconsciously, it may create havoc. For preventing the devastating effect of fire on commercial kitchens, John Spach provides readers with safety recommendations. These are guiding principles that may help to ensure the safety of individuals in the workplace.

Take a look at the following safety guidelines provided by John Spach

You must stay careful to prevent workplace accidents:

  • Cleaning the grease: Proper maintenance of the kitchen is an essential part of fire safety. Oil is flammable; hence, it causes accidents. In case the fire goes out of control, it will look for explosive energy. The fat, which builds up in kitchens, is fuel for the fire. Ensure that you have a regular and thorough cleaning schedule, which contains cleaning the surfaces’ grease.
  • Proper maintenance of cooking equipment: Restaurant fires may occur due to ill maintenance of cooking equipment. Around 60% of restaurant fires are caused due to this reason. The owners have to ensure that all the equipment is in proper order and qualify modern fire suppression systems. The system helps in shutting down gas and electricity when there is a fire. Moreover, they may take the help of professionals for inspecting the proper working of cooking equipment.
  • Sprinkler system: These days, modern kitchens use sprinkler systems for dealing with fire issues. When the fire goes out of control, they activate sprinklers located in the ceiling to deal with the situation. Moreover, no individual must be there in the kitchen when there is a fire breakout. The sprinklers are the last option of defense in this condition. Moreover, keep in mind the difference between burned down restaurants and burned kitchens.
  • Keeping backup extinguishers: If the fire goes out of custody, the crew members require the help of backup extinguishers. They are powerful in controlling the outbreak of fire. They have different programming for dealing with a wide range of fires. You must regularly inspect the fire extinguisher. It will make them ready for any situation.
  • Proper training of staff: Every kitchen staff must have adequate training in dealing with various equipment quickly. In addition to this, the kitchen staff must perform their duties safely and soundly. Maintaining promising safety practices can prevent the outbreak of fire.

In addition to this, keeping flammable material away from spark and watching electrical cords are essential for preventing fire outbreaks. Also, degreasing the ventilation system, and avoid throwing water on a grease fire, are other ways of dealing with the menace. You must abstain from disposing of cigarettes indoors. They must take every possible step to control an uncertain situation for workforce safety. Taking the help of professionals is another way to avoid any unprecedented situation. The professionals stay equipped with modern tools and equipment for controlling fire situations.


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