Maxwell Drever Shares Ways To Provide Low-Cost Workforce Housing

Ways To Provide Low-Cost Workforce Housing

If you scan the housing crisis scenario in the United States, you will find that it has existed for a while now. Low-income families cannot live in decent houses because of increasing housing costs. As a result, they get compelled to shift to the suburban areas so that they can pay for the house they live in. The sudden pandemic outbreak and expensive rents have worsened the housing crisis amongst the workforce section. 

Everyone needs a house. Since the low-earning families cannot get ahold of a decent accommodation within their budget in the urban areas, there needs to be a solution in place. That is why developers and governments are working hand-in-hand to provide a low-cost workforce unit. 

According to Maxwell Drever, people from the low-earning groups can arrive at a work-life balance when they have access to low-cost housing units. That will prevent them from spending ample time stuck in traffic to reach their home. 

Delivering low-cost workforce housing units

Today, it has become necessary for the real estate communities, government authorities, and other crucial authorities to provide ways to execute low-cost housing projects. Some of the ways to go about it include:

Modular construction

Bringing down the construction expense can help ensure that people can access low-cost workforce housing. Also, selecting a modular construction process is necessary. It makes sure that crucial building structures get developed off-site, and the assembling takes place at a housing site. It can bring down the construction cost by 10% and 15%. But you will need help from the local authorities. You should also opt-in for land-use codes and new rules for property inspections and approvals. 

In case the affordable housing project authorities do away with the parking, it can reduce cost. The rule can apply to public and private partnerships. Also, the local municipality requires to offer land at a low-cost rate compared to market rates. The lesser land cost and the modular construction will impact the delivery deadlines and total capital cost. 

Transforming the old and abandoned properties

Another way to address the increasing and ongoing problem is to consider the abandoned and old properties. Today, many properties in the United States are broken, aging, and abandoned. It’s possible to put these properties to excellent use and get transformed into housing units for low-earning families. But you need to ensure the stability and quality of the property before starting the project. And because all these properties are already old, it is essential to evaluate if it has the scope to collapse when the conversion begins. When you get the property examined, you can find the loopholes and get the repair work done. That way, you will not put the entire construction and conversion process at risk. 

According toΒ Maxwell Drever, these are some of how it becomes easy to deliver affordable workforce housing. However, along with these ways, it is also essential for the government to release funds and give land access so that the low-cost housing execution can occur on a large scale.


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