Indios Desnudos House – Papagayo Peninsula, Guanacaste, Costa Rica 🇨🇷

Indios Desnudos House - Papagayo Peninsula, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
  • Name: Indios Desnudos House 
  • Type: Modern Contemporary 
  • Bedrooms: 
  • Bathrooms: 
  • Built: 2014 

Unlike any other, the Indios Desnudos luxury residence is a journey rich in architecture and emotion produced by the sensations of a diversity of spaces, by the quality of light, and by differences in heights, scales and views. This is more than just a design statement; it is a house of sheer beauty enjoying the breeze of the sea, the sun, the sea views and a forest full of tropical and wild flora and fauna where space, art and magic all come together. 

Located in the Papagayo peninsula of Costa Rica, the residence is sited on the tip of a seaward pointing, and slightly downward sloping ridge of a prominent pedestal lot, with forest on both sides designed to enjoy outdoor living with sensational views. The internal spaces of the home are integrated with the exteriors, which makes the interior feel like being outside. 

The main volume of the home encompasses a double-height space containing the living room, dining room and kitchen and opens with large open frame windows that look towards the pool terrace merging the stunning outward views with the pool waters producing a mirror like vista that surrounds an outside living room in its entirety. Structurally framed by a set of diagonal columns, the interior island is the pivot of the social area, located in a strategic place near the kitchen and receives the sea breezes and enjoys magnificent views of both the forest and the sea. This is living architecture with spaces that resonate deeply with emotion when you are confronted by the sheer magnitude of its view to an open horizon. 

  • Architect: Canas Arquitectos 
  • Photography: Jordi Miralles 
  • Location: Península Papagayo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica 

Site Plan


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