Home Staging Tips for Sellers – Don’t Forget About the Pool

Home Staging Tips for Sellers - Don't Forget About the Pool

Did you know that there are more than 10 million homes in the United States with a swimming pool? If your home has a pool, you might underestimate the power of staging the pool area. The truth is that when you are selling a home that has a pool, it might be more difficult than anticipated if you do not take the proper steps to make the pool feel like an oasis.

We have a list below of the top home staging tips for sellers when it comes to staging your pool.

1. Decorate Around the Pool Area

Whether you own Ventura Pools or another brand, you want to make sure that it looks inviting. Take the time to work on the landscaping around it to make it feel like a mini paradise. Adding palm trees, colored flowers, and potted plants will attract buyers.

2. Safety First

If you currently do not have any safety fences you might want to consider adding some because families with younger kids will take this into consideration. Highlighting your pool’s safety features will give your buyers peace of mind that they won’t have to worry about installing anything after moving in.

If the floor around your pool gets slippery when it is wet then you can invest in adding a non-slip surface around the pool’s edge to reduce slips and falls. If you really want to attract families with kids then you might want to also invest in an underwater motion alarm that will go off when a child falls into the water when no one is using the pool.

3. Clean the Pool

This might seem obvious but the cleaner your pool is, the more likely people can envision themselves swimming in it. If your pool looks cloudy, or dirty it will turn potential buyers away quicker than you can imagine. The goal is to have the water looking crystal clear and take time each day to skim your pool for any debris that might fall in it throughout the day.

The bottom of the pool should be vacuumed every day, and the pH should be balanced in case a potential buyer asks to see that the pH is accurate.

4. Entertainment Areas

A pool is often associated with being an entertainment area to enjoy with guests. You can create an attractive outdoor space that your buyers can picture themselves hanging out in all year long. Even during winter and fall, you want to show how this space can be used to bask in the sun with friends and family.

Set up an outdoor dining area and a firepit to make it easier to visualize a get-together next to their future pool.

Now You Have Our Top Home Staging Tips for Sellers

Now that you have the top tips above, it is time to apply everything you learned about home staging tips for sellers and sell your home quicker. A pool that is clean, safe, and looks inviting will attract multiple buyers.

Have fun staging your pool and enjoy watching the selling process go a little bit faster.

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