Getting Ready to Sell – 5 Interior Staging Tips To Make Your Home Look Amazing

Getting Ready to Sell - 5 Interior Staging Tips To Make Your Home Look Amazing

Getting your home ready for sale doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. Before you decide to officially go to market, taking the time to prep your home, so that it provides a great first impression, will go a long way to achieving a successful outcome. In today’s real estate market, buyers often have a lot of homes to choose from, so don’t overlook the benefits of staging your home to give it that competitive edge.

How your home looks say’s a lot about its value to a potential buyer. Sure, you can completely redecorate and remodel, but making your house look amazing doesn’t have to be expensive. Getting creative inspiration from some of the top design talent in North America, such as Mood Design + Build in Chicago is a great start. You may be able to use a lot of your existing décor and simply add some fresh new contemporary flair. 

Explore every opportunity to make your home look amazing to create a positive first impression for potential buyers by applying some of the following techniques:

1. Paint small rooms with light colors

Usually, the interior of most houses will have the same colors. If your homes interior is painted in a darker shade of brown that was in fashion when it was first built it may have been because it was a cheaper option for the builder. But to get your home sold, you shouldn’t follow that norm. Instead, to make your home look amazing, consider painting some of the smaller rooms in your house with lighter colors. Doing this will not only improve the aesthetics of your home, but it will also make the rooms feel bigger.

2. Invest in decorative mirrors

Decorative mirrors can add instant lighting and dimensions to your living space. If you have limited living space within your home, then adding decorative mirrors can be just the thing you need to add a touch of flare with the appearance of having a bigger space. This also improves natural lighting, especially when placed near a window. But aside from its functionality, a decorative mirror can be a useful addition to making your home look great?

3. Mix it up

Most homeowners want their home decor to be consistent and complementary. Sometimes the decor throughout the home even has the same theme, texture or pattern. Although theres nothing really wrong if you’re comfortable with a home that has a monotonous interior design, but from a potential buyer’s view, this might be perceived as boring or out of date. However, there is a quick and effective solution, simply add some new pieces and mix it up with the old. Mixing up patterns, textures, old and new pieces is something which you should try. Don’t be afraid to use your old seats and tables alongside with new decor items. You’ll be surprised how these pieces can co-exist beautifully!

4. Add style with some finishing touches

You don’t necessarily have to completely change the style of your interior spaces from say rustic to modern, however adding some contemporary elements to any space can provide that finishing touch that you need to update your entire home. Contemporary is best described as design based on the here and now, so it’s a great way to freshen up any space. Adding some beautiful new towels to the bathrooms, some modern chairs or new coffee and end tables to the living room is just an example of the possibilities.

5. Add a storage solution to declutter

Declutter, declutter, declutter. Yes, it almost seems like a mantra of every home stager. But this is one of the most effective principles of preparing any home for sale. Making a home feel more spacious and inviting to a potential buyer, decluttering is a critical element that you need to accomplish, but what do you do with all the stuff that you need to hide but keep?  Obviously, you won’t want to throw everything out. But what do you do if you run out of space to hide things? One of the things that most people don’t think of is actually adding a new storage solution to their home that compliments their existing home décor. Adding a credenza or a wall storage unit can be an effective way of achieving your decluttering and staging goals all at the same time. 


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