Better Retirement Ideas – 3 Great Home Additions For Elderly Homeowners

Better Retirement Ideas - 3 Great Home Additions For Elderly Homeowners

So you’ve finally reached your golden years and now you’re ready to relax your days away without having to worry about punching that dreaded timeclock. Well, congratulations! But since you’re retired, you might also want to make your home much more comfortable.

Studies have shown that around 60 percent of elderly homeowners are able to age in place after retirement. And if you’re in this demographic, you probably want to make your home as suitable and comfortable as possible as you ease into your retirement days.

One of the best ways to modify your home is to bring in additions that offer you more convenience while giving you a sense of comfort as well. And thankfully, there are several ideas that you can consider.

If you’ve just reached retirement age and you’re looking to modify your home, the following will give you a few examples of additions that can make your life much easier.

Home Elevators 

Now you might think that having home elevators installed is something reserved for the likes of Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk, but the truth is, home elevators are actually quite affordable, and they offer you much greater convenience. 

Even if you’re still in great physical shape and you have no problem going up or downstairs, you may reach a point where navigating stairs becomes difficult. As such, if you have a home elevator, you won’t have to worry about climbing the stairs each night when you’re tired and ready to go to bed.

Additionally, home elevators also offer convenience to any of your elderly house guests, family, or friends that may come by to visit. And you may also find that having a home elevator can also be a great conversation piece for anyone that might stop by. 

Walk-In Bathtubs

If you’ve always enjoyed the soothing feel of a hot, relaxing bath at the end of a long day, you can still enjoy this experience long into your golden years, even if you have physical ailments.

As we age, our bodies become much more fragile. And as a result, movements such as bending, stooping, and lowering or raising our bodies can become a difficult process. But rather than have to deal with painful sensations, there are many modern creations that offer us a greater convenience.

Walk-in bathtubs offer those who have problems with bending the ability to walk into a bathtub, shut the door, and take a seat. The sealed door acts as a wall, so you’re able to sit in your tub and enjoy the soothing water without risking injury or straining when you’re ready to get out of the bath. 

Having a walk-in tub is also great as it can help mitigate the risk of slipping and falling when you get out of the tub as well.

Opening Up Your Home

One popular element of interior design heading into 2022 is that of an open floor plan. And while open floor plans offer an element of popular design for many homeowners, they can offer you a greater degree of space.

When we get older, it becomes harder to move around. And studies have shown that more than half of all seniors over the age of 65 have at least one slip and fall each year.

Slips and falls are often related to having to twist and contort your body, or from losing balance. And if you live in a home with many walls, these walls may become more like obstacles.

Redesigning your home to include an open floor plan can open your home up and allow you more room to move around, and this can mitigate the risk of bumping into furniture or other objects.

Ageing happens to us all. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t offer ourselves a variety of modern conveniences when it comes to our own comfort. And if you want to live comfortably after you retire, a few of the ideas presented here are sure to help.


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