6 Perfect Bedroom Ideas That Every Teen Will Fall in Love With

6 Perfect Bedroom Ideas That Every Teen Will Fall in Love With

Teenagers have a lot going on with balancing school life, after school activities, keeping up with their friends, among other things, they also need a place at home to call their own. What better way to give them a place to relax at home, then by redoing their bedroom?

There are plenty of awesome teen room ideas that your child will be sure to fall in love with.

Make sure to include your teen when decorating their bedroom so that they can feel comfortable in their own space. They will love taking part in making the decisions on decorating and planning what their room will look like.

Keep reading for our guide to seven perfect teen room ideas that your child will be sure to love.

1. Accent Lighting

One of our favorite teen bedroom ideas is to add some accent lighting to your teenager’s space. This can be done in so many different ways.

You can start by adding a lamp to a nightstand or even a floor lamp in the corner. Another awesome way to add accent lighting is by hanging fairy lights around the room. Fairy lights add a soft glow to a bedroom and they’re perfect for relaxing.

Another good idea is to upgrade their light fixture altogether. Having good lighting in their room is going to be important and there are plenty of awesome light fixtures that can transform their space. A bold light fixture can definitely stand out in a bedroom.

2. Improve the Desk Area

Our cool teen room ideas start with improving the desk area in the room. As your teenager gets older and has more responsibilities with school work they’re going to need a designated area in their room to get homework done.

Having an awesome desk area that is comfortable and a fun place to work in their room can help persuade them to get homework and studying done on time.

Make sure that they have good lighting, a comfortable chair, and ample room for getting things done.

It could also be a smart idea to work on an organization system for your teen’s desk area. This way every item will have its place and they will have no excuse for when things get messy. Plus, having everything organized just looks great!

3. Fresh Coat of Paint

One thing that you need to do to help redecorate your teenager’s room is applying a fresh coat of paint to the walls. Especially if you’re upgrading their room from childlike wallpaper or a color scheme, then picking out mature paint colors for the bedroom is very important.

You can always let your teenager just pick their favorite color for their bedroom walls and then go from there. Many teenagers love the color purple, green, or even blue and these are great colors for teenage bedrooms.

On the other hand, choosing a neutral color like white or gray for a fresh coat of paint can be the perfect base. This color can work as your teenager continues to grow and mature over the years. Obviously, their style will change and so will their decorations but it will be easy to work with a neutral color wall.

4. Lounge Area

Depending on how much space you have to work with, another one of our favorite room decorating ideas for teenagers is creating a lounge area in their bedroom. A lounge area is a perfect place for your teen to come home and relax alone or even with friends!

All you would need is some chaise lounges, fluffy chairs, or even bean bags to create a corner in their room perfect for hanging out. Grab a bunch of pillows and maybe even a small table for snacks. This way you’ve created the perfect area in your teen’s room for hanging out and chatting with their friends.

You can also get really creative when it comes to decorating this area too! The wall behind the lounge area can have a tapestry or even photos of your teenager with their friends. A cute and comfy rug can also help to fill the space and will be perfect for your teenager.

5. Get More Space by Lofting the Bed

This is one of the most perfect teen bedroom ideas if you’re looking to give your teenager some more space in their bedroom. Lofting the bed in their bedroom is a great way to give your teenager more space to do other things in their room.

Think of all the possibilities that your teenager can have with a little extra space in their room! Whether you add desk space or extra storage space under their bed, having a loft bed is something a teenager will love.

Another awesome idea is to create a gaming area under your teenager’s lofted bed. If Whether they like playing video games on console or PC, you can fit their gaming system right underneath their lofted bed. They will love the extra space dedicated to a gaming area in their room.

6. Keep Them Organized

One of the best things that you can do in your teen’s room when decorating is helping them by creating an organizational system. There are tons of different ways that you can help your teen stay organized in cute and trendy ways.

A bookshelf with baskets is a great way to store tons of odds and ends but still help them be organized and have a clean that is room. You can even use this bookshelf as a divider in their room. It’s a great way to separate their desk area from their bed area so that they can get work done.

You should also try to create an organizational system in their closet. When they use anything or need to put away clean clothes, then they will know exactly where they go.

The Best Teen Room Ideas

When helping your teen design their room there are tons of different things that you can do to create the perfect look. Use some of these awesome teen room ideas to come up with the perfect bedroom for your teenager so that they can have their own personal space to come home and relax after their busy day.

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