How to Market a Home Improvement Business in the UK

How to Market a Home Improvement Business in the UK

Are you seeking affordable marketing strategies for your home improvement business in the United Kingdom?

Suppose your business is running on a shoestring. In that case, you’ll most likely be searching for effective tactics to get excellent value for your marketing expenses.

The goal is to avoid squandering your budget on expensive but fruitless marketing ideas, especially through low-quality lead generation strategies.

Every home improvement business needs a constant flow of excellent leads for increased revenue and sustained growth, so how can you achieve this?

This article will reveal five techniques you uncover four effective marketing strategies that will add value to your home improvement business.

To increase traffic and conversions, use a blog to attract visitors and customers

The best approach you can use to attract traffic to your website is content marketing. An effective way of content marketing is blogging. It is a way of educating your customers to encourage them to make faster purchase decisions. So, to increase traffic and conversions, use a blog to attract visitors and customers.

According to a recent study, about 58% of customers are happier and satisfied with companies that consistently offer helpful content. As a result, they are motivated to make purchases for that firm.

Your content should be relevant, offer assistance to your customers by solving the problems and hurdles they face. Ensure your blog title reflects their search queries and put up this content at least every week.

Enhance your brand awareness with social media

Enhance your brand awareness with social media Another effective marketing tool for your home improvement business is social media. More than 50 million users from the United Kingdom visit Facebook daily. Promoting your business on this platform will help you reach your target market at an exponential rate. This will increase your customer engagement and acquisition. A good number of home improvement companies have witnessed astronomical growth due to their ability to leverage social media. A good example is UK based composite decking supply company, Ultra Decking

Ensure you carry out adequate research to discover which social media channels your target customers invest their time in the most. It can be on Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, or Facebook.

But it is not enough to post pictures of your product or supply; customer engagement is highly important. Consistently respond to comments and timely replies to inquiries. Also, you can create quizzes, polls, and other interactive games to attract new customers.

Increase the number of clicks on your website with email marketing

Research has shown that the average ROI for email marketing is 122%. An email campaign has a higher click-through rate than a tweet. Ignoring email when nurturing new leads is a common mistake many home improvement businesses make.

Your website should offer newsletter subscriptions or email updates. Your prospects or leads will consent to join your email list after they sign up. You can then start building an engaging and smart email campaign to market your product, share updates about a recent price slash, or whatever information is relevant to your business.

Be careful not to be too pushy or salesy, deliver fun and enjoyable content, and try not to ‘spam’ or bore your subscriber.

HubSpot is a great tool you can use for marketing automation and research. It can be very helpful, especially when trying to find out how much impact your email has on your subscribers.

Use Google My Business Listing to improve your online profile

With your Google My Business account, customers looking for your product or supply will easily find you. Your business will pop up first on Google search results when they search for your product on that platform. In addition to creating a solid business description, feel free to add pictures, ratings, contact information, and opening hours.

Very clever, isn’t it?

If you are looking for potential local customers within your business area, this marketing tool is worthwhile.


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