5 Ways Construction Cameras Save Time

5 Ways Construction Cameras Save Time

Numerous internal and external reasons might cause project schedule delays. Changing government regulations, weather conditions, financial issues, labor shortages, and poor management, among other things, all have an impact on project schedule time. To combat these delays, every construction business is implementing new technology on its job sites to save time, money and be effective in every aspect. A good example of such technology is the construction camera.

Here are 5 tips on how live view technologies such as construction cameras can help you:

1. Enables Cost-Effective Jobsite Surveillance

With workplace theft on the rise, construction companies need to be vigilant 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Larger objects might also be a target for opportunistic thieves, costing businesses thousands of dollars and delaying projects.

Security guards can cost up to $30 per hour to man the Jobsite, and large job sites may require numerous guards to safeguard the entire site. With many projects lasting six months or longer, this might become prohibitively expensive. Simply building fencing is costly and ineffective: at only 6-8 feet tall, it may not be adequate to discourage robbers on the Jobsite.

Construction cameras, on the other hand, allow continuous surveillance without the need for human involvement. For complete visual evidence of everything that happens on your project, advanced technologies produce high-definition video footage โ€” 720p or greater. Many have intelligent security features like customized motion alerts, which you can set up to send you an email or text message if there’s any after-hours activity on the premises. 

2. Travel Less, Do More

Driving is not only one of the most significant concerns faced by construction companies, but it is also time-consuming and often needless. Project managers can stay up to date on what’s going on at their job sites with real-time access to live video and photographs from the Jobsite, rather than spending time on the road. Construction cameras are the easiest method to see what’s going on without visiting the site.

3. Collaborate Fast and Easy

When working with crews and stakeholders over the phone, takes a long time and can occasionally lead to misunderstandings. Confusion is avoided by sharing video footage and photos from construction cameras. Whether you’re telling a vendor where to drop off equipment or a divisional head how far along a project is, visuals get the point across fast – especially when remote stakeholders can’t be present.

4. Reclaim Stolen Time

Employee time theft is one of the most common causes of non-productive time on a project. It causes harm to your company in two ways:

  • When one employee clocks in for another, both are counted as present at work.
  • When workers arrive late to the job site, productivity suffers as well.

Employees know someone is watching them with on-site active construction cameras. Installing construction cameras not only ensures that they arrive on time, but also that they are less likely to steal time.

5. Get to the Facts-Fast

Obtaining proof to resolve a dispute or to demonstrate compliance during audits might take up a significant amount of time. Without cameras, a lot of time could be wasted seeking and compiling photographs. Construction cameras can contribute to solving conflicts.


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