Madison Desert Club Residence – La Quinta, CA, USA 🇺🇸

  • Name: Madison Desert Club
  • Bedrooms: 5
  • Bathrooms: 8
  • Size: 9,213 sq. ft.
  • Built: 2020

Located in the exclusive Madison Club of La Quinta, California, the Madison Desert Club residence is a holiday home that captures the essence of the dramatic desert landscape. Kovac Design Studio’s visionary design draws from the ethos of a boutique hotel, providing a stage for an indoor-outdoor lifestyle and effortless entertainment for any number of guests. Its signature roof canopy, inspired by the Cholla cactus and crafted from innovative foamed aluminum, creates a dynamic interplay of shadows that brings the desert’s rhythm into the home. The structure’s open glass façade invites the outside in, offering panoramic views and a fluid transition to the outdoor amenities, including the pool, fire pit terraces, and a verdant open-air gym.

The interior design is a celebration of the desert’s palette, with textured plaster, warm woods, and Cremo Delicato stone, complementing the glamorous touches reminiscent of “Old Palm Springs.” The living spaces merge into a grand communal area, furnished with designer pieces that provide both comfort and luxury, while the innovative suspended theater offers a dual experience of a private screening room and an open balcony for live performances. The wellness spa and custom bunk bedroom below cater to the guests’ leisure and reflect the home’s commitment to luxury and repose.

The architectural narrative of the home, as described by Kovac, is one of mystery and discovery, with each space designed to reveal new experiences. The home’s layout, with its central shared space and private casitas connected by shaded walkways, encourages guests to explore and enjoy both solitude and social engagement. The result is an underlying narrative of discovery and mystery, articulated by Kovac. Each element, from the artful shadow play to the private casitas with their retractable walls, encourages exploration and connection with both nature and the vibrant social scenes it hosts. More than just a luxury home; it’s a retreat that embodies the serene escape from daily life, ensuring a unique and luxurious desert experience.

  • Architect: Kovac Design Studio
  • Builder: RJC Builders Inc
  • Photography: Roger Davies
  • Location: La Quinta, CA, USA

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