Pearl Neckless Luxury Apartment Interior Design Taipei, Taiwan 🇹🇼 – L’atelier Fantasia

Pearl Neckless Luxury Apartment Interior Design Taipei, Taiwan - L'atelier Fantasia
  • Name: Family With A Pearl Neckless
  • Type: Interior Design
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Status: Realized
  • Year: 2019

This interior design project is a dialogue between space and collectible art revealing the spirit of the client, with the centerpiece being the ‘Green Aquamarine Necklace’ by French artist Jean-Michel Othoniel, a piece that mirrors the fluidity and grace of its surroundings. The residence, crafted for a family of five, employs a thoughtful layout where each floor serves a purpose: the ground floor for communal living, the second for the children and grandmother, and the third exclusively for the couple, with a multimedia space below for family entertainment. The inclusion of an outdoor garden and swimming pool complements the internal aesthetics, creating a seamless blend of inside and outside comfort.

The design journey was a two-year collaborative exploration between the client and designer, encompassing visits to galleries, art fairs, and exhibits across New York, London, Paris, and Taiwan. This extensive engagement with the art world catalyzed a transformative relationship between the client and the art pieces, culminating in a curated collection that resonates deeply with the inhabitants. The design transcends mere visual appeal, fostering an emotional connection that evolves from possession to conversation, where each piece becomes an intimate part of the family’s story.

In crafting this space, the design ethos extends beyond the tangible, aspiring to influence the family’s consciousness and behaviors. By curating a collection in sync with the client, the design achieves a chemistry that transforms the environment, creating a setting that is not only a backdrop for life but also an active participant in it. The project showcases how the interplay between art and space can envisage a better world through the lens of time and emotion, making the home itself a testament to the timelessness and power of art.

This design narrative is tailored to creating a harmonious living space while presenting a vision where design serves as an intersection between art appreciation and functional living. It exemplifies the role of interior design in reflecting humanity, with each element carefully selected to resonate with the client’s spirit, thereby ensuring that the residence is not just a house, but a living, breathing gallery of shared experiences and values. The result is a space that is both a haven for the family and a beacon of contemporary art, embodying the essence of art-centric design in the modern world.

  • Designer: L’atelier Fantasia
  • Property: Apartment
  • Photography: Oner Photo
  • Location: Taipei City, Taiwan


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