What To Know About Airbnb Luxe

What To Know About Airbnb Luxe

When you own a luxury property, especially if it’s in a travel destination, you can earn extra income by renting it out.

For many owners, Airbnb is the most logical option.

There are a lot of benefits that come with hosting a high-end property through Airbnb. For example, if someone is hurt at your property or there’s damage, you may be protected with up to $1 million in primary liability insurance. Host protection covers your legal responsibility for bodily injury and damage to property belonging to guests or other people. It also covers you if there’s damage to common areas, such as building lobbies.

Using the platform to rent a property is also simple, and it’s where most people go when they want a short-term rental.

Airbnb relatively recently created their Luxe program, which is perfect if you have a luxury property and you want to put it directly in front of renters of whom it will most appeal to.

The following are some of the key things to know if you’re a property owner and you’re interested in the Luxe program.

What is the Luxe Program?

The Luxe Program came from the company’s acquisition of a company called Luxury Retreats. Luxury Retreats was a company offering penthouses, villas, and mansions.

There are thousands of Luxe offerings in dozens of locations around the world.

They are pulled directly from the Luxury Retreat collection of homes, and you can find everything, including private Polynesian islands.

Included in the rate of the home is a trip designer, so they can help you book other parts of your trip if you’re looking for a property. It’s like having a personal concierge service that you can use as much or as little as you want.

The Luxe program has an amenities checklist with more than 300 items, and there’s stringent design inspection. In-person inspectors go to the property and check even the smallest of details, like linen quality and water pressure.

The décor has to be stylish, updated, and in good condition. There also has to be plenty of space for the number of people the property is advertised to accommodate.

There’s also Airbnb Plus, which is another option if you have a high-end home. The Airbnb Plus properties are also well-designed and are run by the best hosts. You can get a Plus badge if your home is verified for quality with an in-person inspection.

An Airbnb Plus home should have everything a guest would have at home, such as a stocked bathroom and kitchen.

You also have to maintain your property meticulously for the Plus badge.

Qualifying for Airbnb Luxe as a Property Owner

As has been briefly mentioned, if you own a high-end property and you’d like to participate in the Luxe program, an inspector has to come in person. The inspection contains hundreds of criteria points, and only the best properties are selected.

Privacy is a big part of the approval for the program. For example, you can’t be on-site when your guests are staying at your property. Many people who are booking luxury accommodations value privacy perhaps above anything else, and sometimes they don’t want their identity disclosed because they’re high-profile.

When guests choose a Luxe property, they always rent it out in its entirety.

The style and aesthetic have to be beautiful and five-star across the board.

Many of the homes have a décor style that tells a story.

Everything has to be provided that a guest could ever need. That means, for example, a fully-stocked kitchen with supplies that a chef could use to prepare meals.

The Luxe properties aren’t just beautiful. They’re also located in the world’s best travel destinations. Some of the destinations that Airbnb is currently highlighting as part of their Luxe program include Tuscany, Bali, The Hamptons, Napa, and Palm Springs.

The 300-point inspection conducted by Airbnb is divided into five sections which include:

  • Form: This refers to the layout of the home. This means there has to be space to accommodate all guests comfortably and not just as far as beds and bedrooms. For example, there has to be plenty of seating in common and shared spaces like the dining table and outdoor seating areas. In each area of the home, there needs to be room for all guests to spread out in whatever way they feel comfortable.
  • Function: This refers to how well the house is equipped to be used in various ways. For example, as was mentioned, the kitchen needs to be equipped for use by a chef. There also has to be a bathroom for every two bedrooms at least, and the heating and air systems are checked for noise and efficiency.
  • Feel: This is about the style, architecture, and landscaping of the home.
  • Location: Properties are judged in comparison to the location where they’re set. For example, city properties are compared accordingly to one another.
  • Services: The more services guests can easily request, the better in the eyes of the Luxe team.

Qualifying for Airbnb Plus

If your property maybe isn’t Luxe-level but is still a high-end property, you might instead try to get Plus status.

To qualify to even apply, you have to have a property in the cities where Plus is available, and you need to have at least one stay already. You need to be top-reviewed, accept at least 95% of reservations, and you can’t have any last-minute cancellations in the past year. You also have to either offer an entire home or a private room with its own bathroom.

Once you get past those standards, you have to pass a design test. A professional photographer is sent to do an inspection based on a 100-point checklist. Finally, your home needs to look unique and different from others. Distinctive design touches can help you in this area. Overall, your property needs to have comfort and design along with being well-maintained and equipped. It has to be functional and nice to look at to be chosen as part of the Plus program.


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