5 Things To Do In Myrtle Beach For Christmas

5 Things To Do In Myrtle Beach For Christmas

Holidays are around the corner, so it’s time to roast chestnuts on an open fire, gather family and friends for a hearty meal, and welcome the festive season.

For some, the holiday season, especially Christmas, means traveling. While the festive season is about spending quality time with the family, others want to experience a different kind of Christmas.

There are several reasons why spending your holidays might make up for one of your most memorable trips.

Reasons to travel during Christmas

One of the main reasons you must consider traveling is that it saves you from the seasonal stress of catering to a hoard of guests or buying gifts. Going on a vacation, you won’t have to cook and clean.

Traveling during holidays is the best time, you read it right. Although airline prices skyrocket as the holiday season approaches, the prices are, in fact, lower on the actual holiday. The festive season does save you a couple of extra cash.

As per the KAYAK travel agency, flights on Christmas are up to 6 percent cheaper than the flights on any other day. Additionally, if you fly out on Christmas Eve, you save big.

If you want a break from the cold weather, for the time being, several travel destinations will give you the experience you want. One of the must-visit vacation spots on your list should be Myrtle Beach.

Coming to the beach during December might sound like a crazy idea. There are loads of Christmas shows in Myrtle Beach to look forward to this Christmas, so rest assured, there’s a lot to see and experience.

Not only will you see the holiday cheer throughout the city, but you will also be able to get away from the cold temperatures back home.

With that in mind, here are a few things you can do while visiting Myrtle beach during Christmas.

1. Christmas at Pirates Voyage

Your trip to Myrtle Beach won’t be complete if you’re not planning on spending time at Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show. Sure it’s the season to be jolly, but you can make it a truly memorable experience if you’re with kids.

Get in early to be part of the crew, as Captain Scrooge and the gang take you on a journey you’ll never forget. From fantastic acrobatics high above the lagoon to funny encounters on a pirate ship โ€“ it’s bound to be a swashbuckling adventure for the entire family.

Once you’re done engaging with the gang, it’s time for some grub! The Voyager Creamy Vegetable Soup, the Buccaneer Bread, Pirate Herb-basted Potato, and the amazing Apple O’ Me Eye Pie are delicious. Oh, and you have unlimited Coca-Cola, too.

2. Visit Christmas Light Shows

Myrtle Beach shines during the holiday season because of the area’s Christmas lights. From North Myrtle Beach to Murrells Inlet, visitors can expect to see a lot during the festive season. Whether you are interested in the drive-through light show or looking forward to a cozy indoor display, Myrtle Beach has you covered.

Head to the Garden of Hope on Carver Street in downtown Myrtle Beach. Besides the view of Christmas lights, visitors can enjoy hot chocolate, music, cookies, and photos with Santa or the elves. The best thing about the event is that it is free, and the first 100 visitors will receive a special gift.

The Great Christmas Light Show is the most talked about Christmas Light celebration. The drive-through show features over 2 million festively displayed lights along a 2-mile-long drive, making it a massive light celebration. The show truly captures the essence of the festive season.

Besides that, visitors also enjoy the holiday scenes and animated figures coming to life with lights.

3. Don’t forget about the Festival of Trees at Ripley’s Aquarium

If you love decorated Christmas trees, don’t skip Ripley’s Aquarium. You and your family members will be dazzled by uniquely decorated and holiday-themed trees. What sets these trees apart is that every tree represents a different state and territory.

Among the 55 trees, the South Carolina Tree stands higher than 18 feet, taking the title of the Tallest Tree. The tree is adorned with Palmetto and Crescent moons, seashells, and starfish, making up for what the state is famous for.

Ripley’s Aquariums had held the event since 2001, when only ten trees were the festival’s highlight. With the rise in popularity, the number of trees kept on growing.

Some favorites among the visitors are the Louisiana and Pennsylvania tree decorated with beads and masquerade masks to bring a little Mardi Gras spirit to Christmas.

4. Enjoy Christmas Parades

Since it’s the holiday season, Myrtle Beach gives its visitors every reason to rejoice in the festive spirit. The streets are packed with parades up and down the coast every holiday season. Have fun watching dazzling decorations and enjoy the music.

The Myrtle Beach winter parades occur throughout December, so don’t forget to pay a visit to a few. The most widely known parade everyone is invited to is the annual holiday parade at Broadway at the Beach.

The parade’s route starts from Dave & Busters and continues to the Broadway shopping complex. Local shops and businesses create the floats. After the parade ends, the festivities continue in the Center court with a visit from Santa.

Another Christmas parade you shouldn’t miss is the Mullets Inlet Christmas Parade. After the parade ends, visitors can enjoy a mouth-watering meal at Murrells Inlet Marshwalk. 

5. The Nights of a Thousand Candles

The stellar light show is at the top of the don’t skip events list. The show is perfect for families, friends, and couples of all ages to visit.

The annual magical event showcases over 2,700 hand-lit candles scattered throughout the 10,000 acres garden. This display transforms the entire place into a Christmas wonderland in December.

Guests can enjoy a spectacular view besides sipping on a warm cup of cider. Besides the themed garden, the event also includes live music, hot cocoa, and holiday-themed exhibits.

The only drawback of the event is that if you don’t hurry, there is limited space, so to avoid disappointment, it’s better to book your ticket in advance.

6. Holiday Shopping

Myrtle Beach is known for swimming, golfing, and parasailing, but one other activity in which the beach has gained popularity is shopping. The beach is filled with various retail outlets, making it easy for visitors to find everything they want.

Shopping and dining districts like Broadway at the Beach are ideal for those whose families are in town. Dropping off your kids at the Pavilion Nostalgic Park, you can head to the regional and local stores to knock out your shopping list.

You can purchase gifts for everyone from well-loved brands during the festive season. Coastal Grand Mall is the largest indoor shopping center, where you’ll find famous retailers like H&M, Old Navy, and Dillard’s.

If you prefer shopping in a more traditional retail setting, the Grand Strand is the place for you. It has all the major national chain stores, from Walmart, Toys R Us, and Best Buy.


Although the holiday season is the time to relax and spend quality time with family, others prefer stepping away from the festive hustle. That said, several travel destinations offer many activities to participate in besides keeping up with the Christmas spirit.

If you want a break from the cold, Myrtle Beach is the ideal vacation spot, and that too for all the right reasons. The beach has plenty to offer if you want to make your December gateway memorable.

From world-class dinner shows at Pirates Voyage to stunning Christmas Light shows, there’s much to experience in Myrtle Beach.


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