What Is Meant By Hydro Jetting And When Can You Use It?

What Is Meant By Hydro Jetting And When Can You Use It?

Hydraulic jetting is a method or process for removing coating materials, accumulated contamination, and dirt buildup from surfaces and obstructions in pipes by applying high-velocity water pressure through a jet nozzle. The following items usually comprise a hydro-jet system: a pressure pump, nozzles that deliver the proper stream of water to the area to be cleaned, waste handling equipment, a work area enclosure, and additional accessories.

Hydro Jetting Service at Kelley Septic and Drainย can operate at pressures ranging from 4,000 psi (pounds per square inch) to 60,000 psi (414 MPa), depending on the work.

What Is It Used For?

When water systems are clogged with severe clogs, plumbers prefer hydro jetting. A buildup of debris, grease, and minerals in the interior of pipes leads to clogging and slow drainage. Sewer backups are the result when this happens. Consequently, dirty water may enter your home if your plumbing system is blocked. Pumping high-pressure water through pipes solves such drain issues. Water jets work with gravity to clear the pipes.

You may need hydro jetting if your kitchen sink repeatedly clogs up and smells bad. You can live in peace by getting a plumber to remove obstructions from your pipes. However, you may need to talk to your landlord about the possibility of an inspection, which should help you determine whether hydro jetting is a possible solution.

Risks of Hydro Jetting

An amateur plumber should not attempt hydro jetting. Furthermore, depending on the condition of the pipes, it may not work at all. Hydro jetting may worsen the situation if it wasn’t needed in the first place, so be cautious before you decide.

In hydro jetting, water is pumped at high pressure. Landlords should only hire experienced plumbers to handle this process because it involves high risk. There is nothing worse than someone experimenting with your plumbing system and causing additional damage.

Hydro jetting is not recommended in cases where the pipes have been damaged by root infestation. Adding more pressure to the water will only cause further damage to the pipes. The waterproof coating on the pipe must also be intact for hydro jetting to work properly.

Ensure a plumber thoroughly inspects your pipes before you embark on a hydro jetting adventure. Using video camera equipment, inspect the plumbing system thoroughly. So you will be able to make the best decision and prevent further damage to the plumbing system.


If you experience severe clogging and slow drains, you should inspect your plumbing system properly. Pipes become clogged when debris, grease, and buildup are deposited inside. Using high water pressure and gravity, hydro jetting removes these materials. A well-trained plumbing professional will provide you with the right solution to clear your clogged pipes. Prices for hydro jetting are typically in the $350 to $360 range; you can check online.


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