What Does A Full Service Commercial Landscape Contractor Do?

What Does A Full Service Commercial Landscape Contractor Do?

Businessmen, developers, and owners of commercial and not only real estate believe that their property can benefit from the addition of greenery and the enrichment of green space. That’s why they turn to professionals. 

Commercial landscapers don’t just install plants, cut grass, and trim shrubs. The range of commercial landscaping services is multifaceted.  It allows for a commercial landscaping project from the initial design phase to long-term maintenance planning. 

A professional landscaping service creates an outdoor space that combines beauty and functionality and of course, meets all the unique needs of a business. When you invest in professional landscape design, you’re making the right choice for landscaping, plants, and beauty. You get the right design to create exactly the environment you want for your property, whether it’s an office building, an apartment complex, or any other type of commercial space.

The benefits of hiring a landscape designer:

Improving the quality of life

More and more, we are living in big cities with a busy daily life. Time spent outdoors in contact with nature is almost always relegated to the back burner. Studies show that we need at least 16 meters of green space to reduce urban stress and improve our quality of life. Therefore it is important to invest in landscaping, which creates vegetation and gives the space a unique character. 

Useful use of space

What used to be useless can become an additional environment to enjoy. A commercial landscaping specialist has the creativity to transform a place in a way that makes people want to stay there. Ordering a landscaping design is very easy just by going to the website.       

Great Therapy

Being close to nature is a great way to change your lifestyle and channel your energy into relaxation. You need to let your mind rest and fill it with positive thoughts. Typically, people are only in contact with nature during vacations, so it’s important to create alternatives to integrate nature into your work environment as well. This is important for restoring emotional balance. 

Increased value

Often when selling a commercial property, appearance plays a big role. It’s a distinctive factor that attracts buyers and tenants and adds charm. A well-landscaped building is valued more and guarantees a quick sale. Greening the facades of buildings increases their value many times over. 

A comprehensive commercial property landscape maintenance service will guide you through all phases of your landscape project. This will help you with the planning and design, construction, and ongoing maintenance of your landscape. Landscape designers can make a big difference in the planning process, from site selection and landscape design implementation to soil and vegetation analysis. 

Examples of some of the services a commercial landscape design service can provide include:

A full-service landscape company with experience in commercial projects will be able to work with a variety of property types. This list includes retail stores, municipalities and government buildings, schools, colleges, hospitals, and clinics.

A landscape contractor has the specialized knowledge needed to implement other elements of your design, such as:

  • walkways and sidewalks
  • lawns
  • deck tiles
  • retaining walls
  • fences
  • Reservoirs
  • flowerbeds
  • bicycle racks
  • grills

Choosing a full service commercial landscape contractor will save you from having to hire different subcontractors for each phase of the project. Working with one company that can lead your project from start to finish ensures that the final product will be a cohesive, functional design. 

Earth Development has been in the landscaping business for a long time and can therefore offer clients the highest quality work at the best price. The company provides its services nationwide, from St Paul to Davenport. We are always happy to help you surround yourself with beauty.  The professionals provide clients with the best landscaping services. The team is committed to making sure that every customer is satisfied with the work. From regular lawn maintenance or pest control to complete landscape renovations, the work is done in a timely and proper manner.


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