Throwing It Back  -  How To Decorate Your Home Interior In Victorian Style

Throwing it Back - How to Decorate Your Home Interior in Victorian Style

Americans spend $600 billion every year on home décor with a massive retail marketplace to pick from. When it comes to home design and decoration, there is no doubt that trends come and go quicker than you can save up the money to buy furniture and accessories! Over time though, one thing that has been proven is the fact that looking backwards for inspiration is always going to be more timeless than looking forward. 

One of the most popular eras of decoration for the last few years has been Victorian design and Victorian style. If you are the kind of person who has always enjoyed the antique look, then why not evoke that with a Victorian living room or Victorian-style house décor

Without further ado, here are some great tips for decorating your home in an aesthetically pleasing Victorian style. It can be much easier than you think. 

1. Lace – The Quintessential Victorian Style Feature 

More than any other era of history, the Victorian period was celebrated for its indulgent use of lace in home design. Queen Victoria was a lover of lace, using Honiton lace in her wedding dress. Not only did this set the trend for Victorian-era dresses but also brought lace into homewares. 

From lace doilies to lace shawls and lace tablecloths, homeowners simply couldn’t get enough of the delicately patterned fabric. 

A simple way to make your own living space feel more Victorian would be to add lace embellishments wherever possible, even in things like fringed lampshades and lace runners on tables. 

2. Install Shutters 

Window shutters were another prominent feature in well-to-do Victorian homes. With big window fronts, there was an increased desire for privacy, and shutters were the perfect answer. 

Shutters have obviously continued to be popular right up until today, but if you want to achieve a vintage look then opt for Victorian-style window shutters that can restore some of the class and elegance to a home front. 

3. Invest in Some Antique Furniture 

The simple fact is that your home is never going to look Victorian if you fill it with brand new, modern-looking furniture and accoutrements. 

Victorian antiques can be expensive but if you really want to achieve the Victorian look, then make the effort to locate and purchase one or two signature pieces that you can display in pride of place in your home. The more authentic to the specific time period, the better.

The Takeaway

It is simple to decorate your home in the Victorian style as it is easy to source the items you need. You’ll find items in modern stores (reproductions in the Victorian style), thrift shops, antique shops, and garage and yard sales. Find inspiration online, in magazines, on TV, and in the movies. As with any trend, sometimes old is new again especially when it comes to interior design and décor that adds that personal touch of style and contentment to our personal spaces.


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