Ways To Paint Your Walls – Roll Paint vs. Spray Paint

Ways To Paint Your Walls - Roll Paint vs. Spray Paint

Paint is the colored substance that gives life to modern architecture and a layer of protection in the process as well. It has pretty much become an unspoken rule to apply paint and make our houses vibrant in today’s world. 

Roll paint and Spray paint are two popular ways to decorate your home according to your vision but choosing between the two may get you confused. Here, you will find all the information you need to clear up the confusion and get ready to paint.

Starting Preparations 

Before you go wild with all the paint you bought, what you need to consider is the time and work it will take to prepare for the method you plan on using. Although it is recommended that you plan ahead of time and set everything up before you start painting, if you don’t have the time, painting with rollers is the preferable option to painting with sprays.

Also, setting up a sprayer takes time, and you may need to do other activities like masking. A quality paint sprayer will make the job much easier. So, if you want to paint with sprayers, don’t forget to read online reviews of DIY spray guns and professional commercial sprayers from authoritative sites such as Paint Sprayer Guide.

On the other hand, Rollers need little to no time, and you can start painting almost instantly as there is no setup process and doesn’t require you to do any extra chores either. All you need is to put a sufficient amount of paint on your roller, and you’re good to go.

The Effort Required

In contrast to the preparation phase, spray-painting is a much faster process than using a roller which takes a big load of effort. Spraying paint can easily cover up the surface in a very short period whereas rolling up and down with your roller can exhaust you very quickly, and is a very slow process. It is highly recommended that you take your time while painting regardless of the equipment you’re using to avoid making mistakes which will only lengthen the process.

For Beginners

Doing everything consistently and accurately for first-timers will be quite hard. If you were planning to use a sprayer, it would be like setting the difficulty on hard mode, especially if you have no experience using them. Dripping paint, achieving an even coat, and getting the paint all over the place are just a few of the problems you might face as a first-timer.

Rollers are simpler and beginner-friendly. We advise seeking help from a relative or friend who has experience in painting so that your first project goes smoothly. 

What You Plan On Painting

Since you’re picking up painting, chances are you won’t just stop at the walls. You may also wish to paint your ceiling. Doing that with a roller will require you to use an extender and this again will need some effort and time, which can be cut short with a sprayer. 

The finish on ceilings will also be better with sprays. If your walls have existing complex textures embedded, spray paint is the perfect choice as it can reach every nook and cranny and can overlay designs with paint easily where rollers will have a difficult time doing so.

The Budget You Are Working With

Before even buying the equipment, the first thing you need is to decide how much you’re willing to spend on getting your renovations done. Getting a sprayer to make the job quicker will mean that you will need a large amount of money than if you decide to work on the project with a roll of paint. 

Paint sprayers also need more maintenance and tend to waste a lot of paint as well. Roll paint on the other hand is a process that creates little to no waste.

Cleaning Up

If you thought cleaning a brush or roller was hard, then you should probably stay away from a sprayer. Although roll paint does have its fair share of equipment, cleaning up the sprayer and everything connected to it would most certainly be a nightmare for you.

Hiring An Expert

If you want to avoid all the hassle or simply have no time to do the work yourself, you can hire a professional who can work following your design choices. You probably have to do your research to choose what painting method to use since the professional is likely to have their specialty and will fulfill your aesthetics according to their choice. This will of course come with a price tag as well; proving that shortcuts come with a price on their head.

Why Not Both?

Throughout the article, we’ve been debating on which method is better. But in reality, these two methods go well when combined. Experts use spray paint for the walls and then use the rollers to overlay them. This method is known as back-rolling and is quite effective. However, it is best not to go overboard if you are a beginner, or if you need to be cost-effective as a roller will do the work just fine as well.

In Conclusion

Painting at first may seem easy, but when you start you realize how difficult the process truly is. Spray-painting and roll painting are both procedures with their situational ups and downs so finding your groove and mastering one is a subject to boast about. 

As you become more comfortable with your style of choice, you will notice just how much labor you must put in, and that there are, in reality, no easy options. 

We hope this article has helped in giving you an idea of which method is the right one to pick for painting your house according to your creative vision. Good Luck!


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