Useful Tips to Pet-Proof Your Home’s Plumbing

Useful Tips to Pet-Proof Your Home’s Plumbing

Pets can make great companions. They can help protect your home from intruders and can provide comfort, peace of mind, and unconditional love.

However, sometimes pets like to get into some mischief that can cause problems for you and yours. For example, dogs tend to enjoy digging in the dirt, which may end up destroying your garden. Cats like to scratch, which may lead to destroyed upholstery in your living room. Thankfully, has topics and advice on how to keep your pet happy and your life stress-free!

One key way in which a pet can destroy a home, though, is by causing damage to one’s plumbing system. Below, we have provided some useful tips that will help pet-proof the plumbing in your home.

Keep the Toilet Lid Closed

If you own a dog, and he/she enjoys drinking from the toilet, then you can solve the issue by simply closing the lid. Dogs tend to be attracted to various odours, including smells that you and other types of pets may find unpleasant.

You can also help reduce the temptation that your dogs may have to drink from the toilet by providing them with fresh tap water or filtered water.

Cover Piping

Animals like to explore, even if they are domestic pets. They tend to get bored, and may decide to explore your home, eventually coming across your pipes during one of their (mis)adventures. If they find the pipes that are located below your sink, then they may be tempted to scratch or bite them.

They may injure their claws or their teeth by doing so, which may require a trip to your local vet. The damage that they cause to your pipes may cost hundreds of dollars to repair in severe cases as well.

You should thus keep your cabinet doors shut, and even consider locking them in the event that your pet tries to pry them open with their paws. You can also spray your cabinets with a scent that your pet finds repulsive so that they will be less likely to lurk around them.

Don’t Let Your Dog Dig

Dogs in particular are very active and curious creatures, and tend to enjoy wiling away the time by digging. If they dig deep enough, they may actually reach your sewer and water systems. 

Once their paws reach your sewer and water systems, the damage may already be done. You may receive a very expensive bill in the mail, so we would recommend that you try and prevent your dog from digging in your yard. 

Try and discourage your dog from digging by suggesting other, less damaging, activities. As well, reward them for positive behaviours so that they will learn to play in a safe manner.

Don’t Flush Litter

Kitty litter can be quite an unpleasant smell, and can be an annoying eyesore as well. Many cat owners may be tempted to flush their kitty litter down the toilet. Some cat litter may even be advertised as “flush friendly.” However, we would suggest that you simply throw away your cat litter instead.

When cat litter comes in contact with liquid, it will begin to clump rather rapidly. As such, if you try to flush your cat litter down the toilet, it might turn into a goo-like substance that can actually clog your pipe and cause a backup.

Most people don’t enjoy dealing with clogged toilets and bathroom flooding, so we would advise that you simply throw your cat litter in the green bin to prevent a potentially catastrophic pipe disaster and properly dispose of the waste.

Use Drain Stoppers

You are probably aware of how much hair comes off your dog or cat every time you give them a bath. Install drain stoppers in the tub in order to prevent hair from clogging up your pristine drains. Drain stoppers can also prevent soap, grime, dirt, and other forms of residue from getting into your drains and blocking water flow.

A clogged drain can be treated with certain cleaning products. However, said cleaning products can be quite abrasive, and may damage your drains and pipes. We would therefore recommend a natural cleaning product or pouring hot water down your drain instead.

It should also be noted that pet hair is actually rougher and thicker than human hair, so installing drain stoppers should be one of the first things that you do in order to pet-proof your plumbing system.

Protect Your Plumbing

While pets may seem innocent, many plumbing issues are actually caused by dogs and cats. You may become annoyed if your tub becomes clogged from your pet’s hair, or if you find them drinking from your toilet bowl.


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