Lower Shore Beach House – Harbour Springs, MI, USA ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

Lower Shore Beach House - Harbour Springs, MI, USA
  • Name: Lower Shore Residence
  • Bedrooms: 4+
  • Bathrooms: 3+
  • Built: 2023

Hidden away on a secluded beach in northern Michigan, the Lower Shore Residence is a stunning glass and wood home that offers breathtaking views of Lake Michigan. Designed by Lucid Architecture to embrace the changing seasons, this modern house features a glass living room box that connects the residents with the waterfront, while the wooden portion of the home protects the private sleeping spaces. The centerpiece of the house is the versatile four-season room, which can be opened to the interior or exterior depending on the day.

Ideal for a couple who loves outdoor activities and hosting large gatherings, the Lower Shore Residence is not only a beautiful home but also a launchpad for adventures in northern Michigan. Situated on a rugged beach site, the house maximizes views and interaction with the lake. Divided into public, private, and support zones, the home features a core public area with a four-season room, living and dining spaces, and two fireplaces. The living spaces strike a balance between solidity and transparency, revealing their splendor to guests upon entry.

The site strategy prioritizes the connection between the home and the water. The living spaces are wrapped in a window wall facing the lake, ensuring panoramic views, while solid walls with clerestory windows provide privacy from the road. Anchoring the glass box living areas are monolithic concrete fireplaces, creating a sense of warmth and grandeur. The central four-season room, with its second concrete fireplace and grill station, acts as the heart of the home and can be adapted to different seasons and weather conditions through sliding doors.

With its remarkable views and modern luxury, the Lower Shore Residence exemplifies timeless design. The combination of concrete, glass, and wood creates a harmonious blend of sophistication and family-friendly warmth. From the luminous interiors adorned with carefully curated art to the white oak floors and custom cabinets, every detail has been thoughtfully crafted. This home showcases the seamless integration of modern architecture into the natural beauty of its surroundings, providing a haven for its owners to enjoy the wonders of northern Michigan.

  • Architect: Lucid Architecture
  • Interiors: Studio M Interiors
  • Builder: Zahn Builders Inc
  • Photography: Lucid Architecture / Jason Keen
  • Location: Lower Shore Dr, Harbour Springs, MI, USA


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