Top Flooring Trends 2022

Top Flooring Trends 2022

If you plan on upgrading your flooring next year, you might want to consider up-and-coming flooring trends. 

Each year, flooring trends change to match improvements in the industry and new preferences. While some types of flooring will always remain popular, there are some key features to look at if you want to stay on-trend. 

Below, Leeds-based flooring retailer Stories Flooring reveals some of the top flooring trends predicted to come in 2022.

Smoked wood flooring 

One of the main trends set to dominate the sector in 2022 is smoked wood flooring. To create the effect, manufacturers place the wood in a chamber. Ammonia is released in the chamber, reacting with the wood to create a smoked colour. 

Smoked wood floors are darker, bolder, and more luxurious looking than stained floors. So, if you’re looking to stay on trend, opt for a smoked wood floor in 2022. 

SPC flooring

SPC, or Stone Polymer Composite flooring, is one of the latest types of flooring to hit the market. It is fast gaining in popularity thanks to its stylish looks and exceptional durability. These floors are advertised as 100% waterproof, allowing you to install them safely in areas like the bathroom or kitchen. 

These tough floors are made up of layers, similar to the construction of engineered wood flooring. They feel sturdy yet comfortable underfoot thanks to an included backing. You’ll also find them easy to install and maintain. With hundreds of designs on offer, you’re sure to find an SPC floor to match your preferences. 

Eco friendly flooring

Another trend that is expected to become huge next year is eco-friendly flooring. Buyers have already started to look for more eco-friendly options in a bid to help save the environment. 

Sellers like Stories Flooring are starting to focus heavily on providing sustainable products to their customers. You will see a rise in the number of eco-friendly options throughout 2022. 

Parquet and Herringbone flooring

Parquet and Herringbone style floors have remained popular for decades. Their popularity shows no signs of slowing down over the next year. Buyers are looking for bold, unique designs. Parquet and Herringbone floors provide an elegant and luxurious feel. 

These designs can be found in most types of flooring. Wooden Parquet floors will provide the most authentic look. However, if you want something more budget-friendly, LVT or SPC parquet designs are ideal.

The above are some of the most dominant flooring trends set to feature in 2022. The focus is on bold, character-packed flooring that has very little impact on the environment. 


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