Selecting A Software System To Reduce IT Dependency

Selecting A Software System To Reduce IT Dependency

Dependency of any kind should be avoided within a company. Whether you operate within a multinational franchise with several offices dotted around the world or a new start-up with a handful of employees. Reliance on an employee, asset, department, or ingredient, dependency should be avoided. But why is that? There are several reasons dependency should be avoided within your company. For example, dependency on a specific department could hinder other departments from working efficiently, or a dependence on a specific employee may obstruct other employees from being able to execute their tasks. 

Now while dependency within a business can occur in different forms, we will be focusing on IT dependency. The reason for the focus on this specific department is due to its increasing importance within all business sectors. With an increase in digitization, as well as employees working remotely or with flexible schedules, software solutions are growing ever more important. So, with an importance placed on software and technology continually being embraced by companies, why should you worry about IT dependency? 

Risks Associated with IT Dependency

A major issue associated with IT dependency is the hindrance it places on other employees. If employees cannot carry out their duties without the assistance of an IT employee then they are severely restricted in what they can do, and therefore less efficient.

A decrease in overall efficiency is not the only risk your company will face due to an IT dependency. A concentration of knowledge, information, and ability can also be an issue that companies will face. For example, if your salespeople need to update information on a CRM system but cannot access or navigate through the system then that will be an issue. All employees need to be educated and empowered so they can work to the best of their ability. 

A concentration of ability in your IT department, or employee, also leaves a company vulnerable when it comes to continuation. When a company has specific members that have a lot of responsibility then it can be an issue if that employee is not available to work. In cases where IT employees leave a company on short notice, the company will then face a major issue. 

Another risk we will look at is gatekeeping information. In some cases, an IT department or employee will withhold information on how to conduct certain business processes. This is neither beneficial for the company nor the other employees and should be avoided. 

The Solution to IT Dependency

With an understanding of the risks involved with IT dependency, we begin to wonder what the solution to this problem will be. The solution is a simple, and easy-to-use software solution that can be operated by any employee regardless of their technical knowledge and expertise. In this case, a no-code platform. 

A no-code platform will allow companies to use the digital platforms that are prevalent in the current business environment, while also making it easier for companies to operate and manage their systems. This is due to the simplicity of no-code platforms, as they require no coding to create applications to digitally transform systems. It is also important to note that pre-built systems on the platform are also easy to operate due to the focus on simplicity. 

No-Code Platform Characteristics to Look For

Now that we understand how a no-code platform can solve many of the problems associated with IT dependency we have to ask ourselves about what sort of no-code platform do we need? What should you look for in a no-code platform, and importantly, how do you select the system? Here are the characteristics you should look for in your no-code platform. 


A key point to take into consideration when selecting a no-code platform is the costs. Your chosen platform must be cost-effective so that you can implement it within your company for a sustained period without having to worry about the cost. 


From home businesses to medium enterprises, the goal of any company is to grow. That is why it is vital that your software solution can grow with your company. Without the ability to scale up companies will be faced with the challenge of transferring their data at a later stage. This can be avoided with a system that easily scales to fit your company鈥檚 needs. 

Vendor Support

While no-code platforms are easy to use, there will always be a learning curve. Having the support of a vendor who can provide educational material in the form of webinars or tutorials will assist in making the transition easier while empowering employees in the process. 

Mobile Operability

When empowering employees, allowing them to use tools they are comfortable with plays a big role. This is part of the reason why mobile operability is so important. All employees have a smartphone, by providing a system that will allow employees to operate on their smartphone will mean there will be less reliance on IT departments, as employees will be working on a system, they are comfortable with using. 


IT dependency can be a challenge. However, selecting the right software and empowering employees can be easily avoided. With a聽no-code platform聽companies now can empower themselves and no longer rely on specific employees or departments. So, what’s stopping your company from taking the next step and implementing a no-code platform.


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