Towards Simplicity: How Technology Has Altered the Idea of Luxury

Towards Simplicity: How Technology Has Altered the Idea of Luxury

The concept of luxury is very interesting and doesn’t have a single explanation, although many would think that they know exactly what it is all about. Probably every person looks at it from their angle, and this is normal because the word itself is described in dictionaries as a “condition of abundance or great ease and comfort.” Basically, the way we accept the idea of luxury may depend on our understanding of abundance and comfort.

If we speak generally, at least in public perception, luxury could be considered a lifestyle with extravagant belongings, which are usually not necessary, and a flamboyantly chic way of living. This was the lifestyle of the rich, but as times change, so do the rich people and their understanding of how to spend their fortune.

In fact, technology and the availability of the internet changed everything a lot, and celebrities who once were so far from the public, came closer to them on social media platforms, breaking the barriers. They opened up their lifestyle, posting hundreds of photos from their mansions, birthday parties, and Christmas dinners. What we know now is that luxury is not the same as it was decades ago since technology altered that idea, bringing new ways of interaction and thinking. Let’s get into it one by one.

Once Palaces of Opulence, Casinos Now Navigate Digitally

Those who love watching movies, especially the old classics, might remember the emotions directors could create with casino scenes. The character would dress up elegantly, start his incredible car, and drive to the enormously big casino, where life was boiling with the luxury and mystique of nature. Forget about it because technology literally crashed the arrogance of physical casinos, turning them into digital platforms, available to everyone from everywhere.

Indeed, casinos used to be considered a part of an expensive life that a few people could afford, and it was some kind of cultural phenomenon. Today, when most of the daily activities, especially entertainment, are taking place in the digital realm, gamblers don’t even bother themselves to get to a brick-and-mortar casino for some luxurious impressions. Game is a game, and online casinos redefined the meaning of luxurious gambling experiences.

This trend was pushed further when technology presented a new type of payment that later got integrated into online casino platforms. Today, online Bitcoin poker has the same entertaining power as traditional versions widely known from Hollywood movies. Although the internet and blockchain technology have made everything more convenient, online gambling has captivated not only ordinary players but also probably many celebrities. Who exactly? That’s hard to say since online gambling has become kind of untraceable and far from the eyes of paparazzi. Isn’t it the best luxury for a celebrity, despite all its simplicity?

Towards Sustainability and Responsible Business Operations

Clothing is one of the essential parts of a luxury lifestyle. If before, millionaire celebrities might not have paid attention to the material of their clothing being not sustainable, today they do. Social media gave these people a huge stage to be under the spotlight 24/7, but it also brought some limitations in terms of how the celebrities live and enjoy life.

Even when wearing certain luxury brands, they are careful not to cross the public interests and deal with only those brands that run completely responsible business operations. Several months ago, one of the luxury brands, Balenciaga, was caught up in a scandal due to their campaign commercial where children were involved. Without going into the details of the campaign, let’s just mention that it caused a lot of debates and opinions against the brand’s decision to involve children in that certain campaign.

After a while, Kim Kardashian announced stopping her collaboration with the brand because of that incident, explaining that “The safety of children must be held with the highest regard and any attempts to normalize child abuse of any kind should have no place in our society,” according to CNN.

In the digital world, celebrities and other people who live a luxurious life feel responsible before the public, and their lives are not all about extravagant purchases, but smart lifestyles, accompanied by the idea of sustainability and responsibility. The luxurious life is now part of their reputation rather than fame.

To Sum Up

Luxury is now smarter than ever before. It’s a good trend that people try to enhance their lifestyle with small changes and minimalistic efforts, whether it’s a home decoration with simple changes or a new car with an electric engine. Technology does its magic, bringing people closer and making them like-minded about important issues. Hopefully, many celebrities will also get rid of their personal planes and unnecessary flights amid the global warming issues. That will be even more responsible from their side.


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