Preparing Your Home for the Perfect Christmas Holiday Dinner

Preparing Your Home for the Perfect Christmas Holiday Dinner

The Christmas holidays are a wonderful time to gather friends and family together, sharing a meal and celebrating not only time away from work, but the quality time you have to rest, reflect, and relax. However, that’s not to say that the holidays don’t come without their challenges, however. Whenever you’re hosting a large group for dinner in your home, there are always issues that arise, from figuring out where everyone should sit to how to get all the cleaning and cooking done before your guests show up. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you have to spend your holiday stressing instead of enjoying yourself. With these easy home prep tips, you’ll have the perfect Christmas holiday celebration you’ve always wanted.

Store any clutter

Before you even agree to host a Christmas dinner at your house, make sure you have a plan for clearing up any clutter so that you can maximize your home’s square footage and make the space conducive to having a party. While using storage furniture, like cube organizers or storage ottomans, you may even consider renting temporary mini-storage if you need to clear out serious space. Fortunately, for those living in luxury homes like The Greenwich Lane, private storage can be built right into the amenities package.

Create space for little ones to play

While residents of stylish new construction, One Manhattan Square, have access to playrooms and private outdoor space right at home to host large family gatherings, the rest of us have to make room for the little ones in our families in more creative ways. If you have family members who will be bringing kids, set up some space where they can enjoy some toys, or put on a Christmas movie that they can watch while the adults get to enjoy one another’s company after dinner.  

Add some seasonal décor

If you’re lucky enough to live in a building with green space, like 70 Charlton, nature is right outside your window, with the landscaped courtyard’s leaves changing right before your very eyes. However, for the rest of us, to make our homes feel seasonally appropriate, it’s time to add some holiday décor. Adding Christmas decor outside your home can help get all of your guests into the spirit inside.

Arrange seating for maximum communication

Sitting together is kind of the main event at Christmas dinner, so it’s essential to create a seating area where everyone is comfortable. However, this means more than simply adding some folding chairs to your usual dining set-up. Make sure there’s ample room for everybody by moving some of your bulkier furniture, like couches and chairs, to accommodate everyone and allow plenty of room if people want to stand up from the table, too.

Bring out your best place settings

While your family heirloom wedding china isn’t suited for everyday meals, Christmas is a great time to use it. Before you start cooking, set your table with your most elegant table settings and their accoutrements, like napkin rings, candlesticks, and those wine charms you have no occasion to use 364 days a year.

While hosting Christmas dinner is a lot of work, it doesn’t have to be stressful. Taking some time to prep your place before guests arrive will have everyone feeling at home in no time.


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