Most Common Plumbing Problems that Need to Be Resolved ASAP by Experts Only

Most Common Plumbing Problems that Need to Be Resolved ASAP by Experts Only

Plumbing issues are some of the most common challenges faced by all homeowners. While some issues crop up due to usual wear and tear associated with your plumbing equipment or aging fixtures, some other problems come up because of the way some systems are being used and maintained.

Blocked Pipes and Drains

Blocked pipes and drains are quite common plumbing problems faced by homeowners. In the event your bathtub or sink is blocked, proper drainage is not possible. This could occur because of hair blobs clogging the drain or even because of grease that is often poured down your sink. Irrespective of the specific cause of the concerned blockage, you must necessarily consult experts who are well-trained, highly-skilled, and properly equipped to handle varied plumbing issues. Get in touch with an efficient and experienced plumbing Brisbane company. 

Dripping Faucets

Dripping faucets are essentially irritating, and uneconomical. Often these drips could be triggered by an old worn-out or overused O ring or washer that needs to be replaced at the earliest possible. Inefficient faucet installation or corrosion could be the main issue leading to dripping of faucets. 

In the case of a dripping faucet, you may do the following:

  • Start using the drip calculator for determining accurately the cost involved in rectifying the drip issue.
  • Invite qualified and experienced professional plumbers to detect or diagnose the issue at once.

Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes could be triggered as a result of different kinds of problems and that may include: 

  • Wrong pipe laying
  • Stubborn clogs
  • Pipe joint damage
  • Pipe corrosion
  • Excessive water pressure
  • Cracked pipes or cracked seals

Leaky pipes must be treated as an emergency and should be fixed at the earliest possible. They would be causing immense damage to your home or the plumbing system if they are neglected for a while. 

Running Toilets

As per, water damage is supposed to the third most expensive and common reason for homeowner loss. Water damage claims amount to $10,234 based on the latest stats provided by the trade group. Do you have any idea that a running bathroom or toilet could lead to the wastage of as much as 200 gallons of water every day? Issues causing running toilets are: 

  • Corroded toilet handles
  • Inappropriately sized flapper chains
  • Refill tube glitches
  • Worn out flush valves or flapper seals

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is a major plumbing issue that is often confronted by homeowners. This seems to indicate that there are some existing issues in your overall plumbing system. Both high water pressure and low water pressure could be highly annoying and needs to be resolved ASAP.

Carbon Monoxide Release from Faulty Appliances

Often faulty gas appliances result in the leakage of carbon monoxide that could be majorly hazardous and could even be fatal in some cases if they are exposed to this poisonous gas for an extended time. Carbon monoxide is supposed to be odorless and colorless hence, it cannot be detected easily. You must ask your plumber to perform CO testing maintenance on a regular basis on all your gas appliances for safeguarding you from such dangerous issues.


Always seek immediate professional assistance from qualified, licensed, and experienced plumbing companies. They would be having cutting-edge equipment and state-of-the-art facilities for diagnosing and repairing plumbing issues.


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