Luxury Moving Services – What You Need to Know About White Glove Movers

Luxury Moving Services - What You Need to Know About White Glove Movers

Are you worried about your cherished belongings breaking when you move house? Have you heard enough move horror stories to put you off taking the leap?

There is a solution: white glove movers. Moving house can be more stressful than having a divorce. You do not want to worry about valuable items breaking too!

The best white glove movers will ensure a stress-free move that goes above and beyond. Keep reading for all you need to know about this service.

What Are White Glove Movers?

White glove movers offer a complete moving service. They are skilled at moving specialist items, too. Their goal is care and attention, with no detail forgotten.

Do you not like cheap tape or old boxes? No problem. You do not even have to lift a finger, just sit back and enjoy your new home.

Standard moving companies often offer white glove moving.

What Makes Them Different?

Standard services move items from A to B. They leave you as quickly as they arrive. You can be drowning in a sea of boxes, hoping there are no broken surprises.

White glove movers offer extra services, such as packing and unpacking. You are in control, and you do not have to handle any boxes.

Traditional movers do not always have the expertise to move specific items. Sometimes they risk it, or they may refuse. You then have to pay for an alternative service with the right equipment.

White glove movers have the resources, tools, and experience to move all items. They have padded vans, floor protection, and other techniques to protect your home.

The white-glove service costs more than traditional services. But you get what you pay for. Prices are usually all-inclusive or customizable, whereas standard services can include extra fees.

White Glove Moversโ€™ Services

With white glove movers, no hot tub is left behind. This includes any piano, gym, and whatever other specialty tems you own.

Always check what the service includes. For example, some will specify “white glove antique movers” if they’re experts in moving older items.

Packing Services

Do not worry about digging out some old sellotape or asking loved ones for boxes. All packing resources are provided, from mattress bags to boxes!

These movers will pack and unpack for you, with your direction. They also make it as organized as possible, with inventories and labels.

Setup, Installation, and Reassembly

White glove movers set up items such as devices, picture frames, and furniture. It can be a headache to remember which cable goes where, but this service prevents any pain!

Can you imagine putting together gym machines? You do not have to with white glove movers.


Yes, miracles do exist. Companies offer cleaning services, so the last memory of your old house is not bleach infused. It also means you are guaranteed to enter a sparkling clean new home.


Patience can be lacking during house moves. Yet, white glove movers will move the furniture until you are happy. They will not rush off and leave until they know you are comfortable and ready to enjoy your new home.

High-End Handling

White glove movers will handle all items with care. Even wine collections can be transferred without fear of losing prized bottles. They guarantee items will be safe and seamlessly get them into your new home.

Advantages of White Glove Movers

If you want to pick one company to move all your items, choose a white glove mover service. You will not waste more time searching for specialist services for a particular item. Use that time to contact your utility companies to tell them you are moving instead!

Another advantage is they have all the equipment to move and protect items. You will not have to throw your mattress in haphazardly and hope it does not get dirty on the way.

And you will save time with an efficient move. You will not spend weeks putting off unpacking disorganized boxes. And of course, in general, they help ensure a stress-free move instead of a stressful activity!

How To Find the Best White Glove Movers

So, you have decided to use white glove moving. This luxury service is growing in demand, so there are lots of companies to choose from. But how do you find the best white glove movers?


First, search online for “the best white glove movers near me”. It is always great to go local. Often companies will have more than one location, such as Dependable Movers.

White Glove Interstate Movers

Also, check whether they are white glove interstate movers. Do not put off checking if the information is not on their site. Movers get booked up fast!


Also, compare white glove mover costs. Remember to check their specific services, as this sometimes explains higher prices. The cost should be all-inclusive, but always check!

Their Reputation

Check online reviews and customer testimonials. You want to make sure the company has given the service it claims.

If they are a moving company that has different moving services, read all reviews. It will provide you with an idea of their values and attitude.

Expertise and Experience

How long have they been white glove movers? Do not be afraid to ask about their credentials. Also, check if their website displays any images of their moving gear.

And always confirm they can move your specialist item if it is not listed on their site! And ensure they are insured!

White Glove Movers for a Stress-Free Move

Moving house does not have to be stressful. Enjoy the start of your next chapter with the right moving service.

White glove movers are not for everyone.

However, if you have fragile or expensive items that are difficult to move, then they are for you. Or, maybe you cannot face the jigsaw of reassembling items. In that case, use white glove movers!

Make sure you research to find the best white glove movers for you. Then you can focus on getting settled into your new home, with all your valuables, as quickly as possible.

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