Is Your Drain Clogged? Signs That You Need To Call The Plumber

Is Your Drain Clogged? Signs That You Need To Call The Plumber

A clogged drain is a standard plumbing issue that can occur for various reasons. And to start with, if you don’t check all that goes down your drain, it can create ample hassle. The drains are supposed to remove wastewater and not leftovers or trash. And with time, there can be a grimy build-up in the plumbing area that’s filled with bacteria and soap scum that leads to obstruction. 

The other common cause of clogged drains is tree roots. Usually, tree roots move toward the water and take refuge in the plumbing pipes. Hence, it would help if you got selective about shrubs and trees that you intend to have. It’s essential to plant it away from the primary sewer line. To know more about this, you can check the list of services from BFMD

Some of the signs that your drain is clogged are:

1. The toilet doesn’t get flushed within the toilet tank

One of the classic symptoms of a clogged drain is that the toilet doesn’t flush. It happens when excess toilet paper or any other object like a toy gets flushed in the bathroom. And it can create ample damage to the encompassing place. Hence, you should know how to resolve it. To stop the water flow, you need to open the tank and ensure that the flapper is closed. Make sure to keep it closed for a while. The moment the water flow is in control, you can plunge. Go ahead and submerge a plunger for correct suction. And in case you aren’t able to get rid of the clog, you need to get in touch with an expert plumber who can resolve the issue and ensure that there is no further damage to the nearby area. 

2. Sluggish drainage

If there is sluggish drainage in the shower, sink, and tub, it’s a sign that you have a clogged drain. The grime build-up can clog the drain. Daily drain cleaning enables getting rid of such build-ups, averting the clog from taking place. It would help if you also stopped making use of the liquid drain cleaners because it isn’t useful. Also, it’s not good to use this, as it’s not good for the environment and can damage the plumbing. 

3. Pungent odor in the drain

If your drain smells foul, chances are it is clogged. And it can also be due to the dried trap. And if you wish to rule this out, make sure to run some water that comes from the faucet and check if it gets cleared. In case it doesn’t there is a severe issue that you need to tackle. A drain that smells can occur because of a rodent who might want to enter your house through the plumbing. And during such cases, you need to opt-in for a professional plumbing solution so that things don’t worsen. 

Last but not least, if you have gurgling drains, it’s a sure sign that your drain is clogged. It indicates that air got trapped in the pipes, which has blocked the drain. There could also be a problem with the sewer line. Once you recognize such issues, make sure that you join hands with a professional service provider. 


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