5 Best Call Recording Service Provider For Your Real Estate Business

5 Best Call Recording Service Provider For Your Real Estate Business

The business growth of your brand entirely depends on the quality of customer service you are providing to your clientele, more than the features and benefits your products or services have to offer. Call centers these days do most of the job of providing, be it technical or brand support to the end-users. Also, on the other hand, customers can rely on brands to buy their products as they know that they can find help regarding the same whenever a problem arises.

Thanks to calling centers like many LLC Texas companies and their well-trained agents who know how to get this job done. However, there always lies room for improvement in every aspect of a business operation. The case is similar for a call center as well to efficiently function at its full potential. In that case, a VoIP call recorder might come in as a very handy tool to improve and enhance the quality of service the center is providing.

Well, if you are someone who is here looking for some of the incredible call recording systems currently available for your business, then we will have to say to you that you have landed at the right place. Also, if you want to know what is a VoIP call recorder? Then there’s nothing to worry about as this article is going to publish all such details surrounding five of the best call recording services of this year. CallHippo, however, steals the show to be at the top of the list and, honestly speaking, is our personal favorite.

What is a VoIP Call Recorder?

Businesses end up choosing a voice-over-internet protocol service provider as this saves the business owners a significant sum of money. Such systems often are less demanding in terms of hardware required, and a stable working internet connection is enough to suffice the purpose of hosting a call center. A VoIP service usually converts the analog voice of the agent into a digital signal which is sent over the internet in the form of data packets. A VoIP call recorder is an add-on or a tool that allows recording all the calls made over VoIP in line to improve the quality of service provided by the call center and is quite a handy tool that may be used during agent training.

Call Recording Features Available

When it comes to call recording of business calls attended, there are two types of recording features usually provided by the recording service provider, and they are:

Specialized Call Recording Features

As said earlier that call recordings come in as a very handy tool to train call center agents and improve the quality of service, they are providing to the customers. For the same reason, few service providers offer specialized call recording features that focus on advanced speech analytics and other insights recorded during the call. From here, companies can snap out certain keywords to enhance customer experience and serve them better the next time. Often companies are charged more for this feature.

You can go with any of the service providers from the list below, and almost everyone offers this feature. The feature allows the call center to record customer calls and stores them on the cloud. Plans usually include the number of hours that can be utilized for recording.

How to record your calls in VoIP Business phone system?

Recording calls in a business phone system is as simple as a walk in the park. Agents can simply click/press on the record button to start recording and press again the same button to stop.

1. CallHippo

The best and the coolest VoIP call recording service provider has to be CallHippo. Let your business meet the zenith of success by improving the productivity of your call center team with better training facilities. Reviewing call recordings from CallHippo’s dashboard is incredibly simple, and with CRM software integration, CallHippo has to be the best one on our list today.

2. AVOXI Call Recording

AVOXI bundles a 30 days free call recording service to their customers with any of their virtual business phone number plan. After the free trial hours of recording from AVOXI, call centers can further use the 15 days more included at no extra cost. As a brownie point, businesses switching to AVOXI get paid while doing so. This service provider comes second in our list due to affordable plans and pricing it has to offer.

3. 8×8 Phone Call Recording

Offers a complete solution to business call centers that includes a package of an integrated phone system, virtual meetings, team messaging, call recording and cloud support. The service provider also has great plans for small and medium business enterprises. Whereas, the X Series plan from 8×8 helps large call centers to conduct smooth operations.

4. Bitrix24

Especially for business owners looking for an ideal combo package of CRM with voice recording features. Bitrix24 offers call recording features on both outgoing and incoming calls. Also, call queuing, forwarding to personal mobile numbers, and then recording the conversation is possible with this service provider.

5. CloudTalk

The latest business virtual system from CloudTalk offers advanced call recording features. Thus the functionality of this service provider is endless. Increasing the productivity of the call center is also a guarantee, as specialized call recording features allow the admin to record special voice stamps and analytics. These can then be utilized to draw conclusions during training sessions.

How to Setup VoIP Call Recorder with CallHippo?

As the VoIP Call recorder from CallHippo stands out to be our best contender in the list, we are going to mention the steps needed in line to activate the same:

  • Turn on call recording to ON/OFF from the options menu of the personal virtual phone number.
  • The option is easily visible to you within the app interface.
  • Call recording will be turned ON for the particular call.
  • Use the ‘look back’ feature to record an entire call.

Even now, if you are not sure about the best call recording service provider and facing trouble choosing one, then we are here to help you. You can contact us right away to consult regarding the same, and we will help you choose the best service provider after knowing your requirements.


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