How Video Surveys Can Help Your Business Grow

How Video Surveys Can Help Your Business Grow

In this technology-driven era, everything is changing day by day. If you have been running your business for a decade, you might have noticed certain changes in marketing that either proved to be a blessing or a curse for your business to grow. 

Yeah, you heard it right.  Blessing comes when you’re prepared for it mentally and take measures to adopt it; on the flip- side, a curse may turn your life upside down if you just sit idle doing nothing. This is how the business progresses over time.  To know about the flaws and drawbacks, there must be hands-on strategies to get all the information based on the experiences your clients have had. 

In order to gather unbiased information, getting reviews is the best way to know the pros and cons of your business. Let’s discuss the surveys that you might conduct to know what the audience thinks about your business- as simple as that. 

Importance of Video Surveys

A video survey is quite popular in this era of digitalization. Visual effects have a great impact on people. Customers love to share their views regardless of what they think about your business. 

Thanks to video surveys, you, as a business owner, have a source that directly interacts with your audience. You can improve your business based on the feedback given by the customers. 

There is a dire need to have a deep look to critically analyze the product you’re selling. And this is amazingly done by the customers who had taken your services. 

There are many other benefits of video surveys-credit goes to videography that people tend to use with each passing day. 

How can you conduct video surveys?

There are many tips and tricks for doing that. One of the main processes is as follows:

  1. If your audience is product aware and most of the people have sued it, then you can ask the questions directly in the video as follows:
    • Make a list of questions that resonate with your business
    • Conduct thorough research based on the reviews taken from other sources
    • You can even formulate a plan on how you can improve your services
    • Once you’re done with the questions, record them in a video
    • Request your audience to watch this video and answer the maximum questions in the CTA you’ll add to your video, i.e. Comment section, asking for video recording, etc.
  2. If your audience is not problem aware then ask them multiple questions that hit their pain points hard. They will speak their heart out, and this is how you’ll get plenty of information backed by the original and real data that the audience has in their minds regarding a specific issue.
  3. If your audience is expert level, then you can ask them what product they like and why they like that particular product. It might be yours or belongs to your competitors. Customers go for the product of emotions and then justify their points with logic. This is how it works. You need to record a video and ask the target audience what product attracts them most and why they feel they are going for it. This will help your business to set up as the audience wants. 

How are video surveys helpful for your business?

This is the most common question that business owners might come up with. There are plenty of reasons behind that question as marketing is transitioning to videography, keeping in view the market trends. For a successful business, you need to adapt to the changes that come over time. 

Let’s discuss how you can use video surveys for your business growth.

Customer experience

Making a portal where customers can share their experiences after having your services is as necessary as running your business successfully. Once your customer is done with his experience, do let them know no to forget their experience in this video portal. This is a way you can get a collection of reviews in videos and can use them for your business improvement afterward. 

Employee experience 

Let the employee share their views on working with you to successfully run your business. Don’t forget every employee has a role in your business. What they can see, it’s equally possible you cannot imagine. So, ask them to share their experiences with honest reviews. You can watch their videos with your team and take care of the factors that went missing from your employees’ perspectives. 

Market research 

With the videos, you will get to know what your audience wants and to what extent your business has helped them to solve their problems. Where your competitors are going ahead, and the target audience prefers them over your services. What is the main thing that distinguishes you from your competitors? How you can leverage your strategy into plans that eventually help you to grow your business. 

Wrapping Up

It has become crystal clear video surveys can take your business to the next level. You get a chance to directly communicate with your audience. Don’t underestimate the power of video surveys and hire services of Qwary.


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