Common Types Of Strapping Materials & Their Application

Common Types Of Strapping Materials & Their Application

As the name explains, strapping is commonly used for bundling the products and reinforcing the cartons. In fact, it works great for securing items to the pallets for shipping purposes. The strapping materials are available in a wide range of options, but determining the best one according to the application is quite frustrating. For the most part, the options are categorized into steel, PET, and PP materials.

The strapping materials are originally used for bundling up multiple products and securing them to pallets for storage and transport purposes. When strapping materials are utilized for palletizing, they are set in place with the help of stretch wraps. It’s actually a great way of ensuring secure shipping of products. Honestly, every business goes through the frustrating phase when they need to choose the right strapping material which aligns with the product and application.

So, with this article, we are talking about different types of strapping materials along with their applications – hint, we will also check out the right ones for packing and securing cartridge boxes!

Polypropylene Strapping (PP)

For those who don’t know, it’s actually a pretty common type of strapping and is available in a wide range of tensile strengths, core sizes, and widths. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that PP material looks somewhat embossed, which actually enhances the texture and strength to deliver better friction. The embossing design can reduce the development and buildup of dust during the entire strapping process. This strapping can be manually applied with the help of hand tools and buckles as well as the automated machines (for strapping). 

According to research, the PP strapping has the ability to stretch by 25% when it’s applied and tends to recover around 10% of it. Once the pallet or the package settles, the strap is likely to retain the tension. Before we move forward, we do want to mention that steel and polyester won’t recover once the pallet or package settles. When it comes down to PP strapping, the plain one is sensitive to UV light, which results in degradation and can be impacted by the higher temperatures. 

When you select the correct formulation of the PP strapping and have the right supplier associated with you, there won’t be any downsides. In fact, the latest formulations are designed to negate such issues, and not to forget, the ultraband variety can manage the heaviest of weight, ranging up to 2000lbs when it comes down to tensile strength (obviously, it will be more expensive). As far as the applications are concerned, this strapping is pretty versatile and can be used for different purposes, such as;

  • Magazines and newspapers 
  • Direct mail 
  • Banisters and moldings 
  • Lamination and hardwood work 
  • Clothing 
  • Appliance 
  • Food products, including fresh food, produce, meat, and frozen food 
  • Drugs and pharmacy products
  • Baling wires from 

This is just a general idea and can be used for different strapping applications. The most interesting factor is that over a 2000 pound package can be securely settled with only four straps. 

Polyester Strapping

Polyester strapping is known for its smooth texture, and it tends to have an embossed appearance. For the most part, it’s made from recycled materials. For the most part, this strapping is available in green color which is because it’s made from a green plastic bottle. For instance, the 7-UP bottles and ginger-ale bottles have a green color which impacts the color. Polyester strapping is highly likely to have better and much higher tensile strength as compared to steel. 

In addition, polyester strapping is known to have sufficient thermal tolerance. As far as the tension decay is concerned, that’s pretty less when compared to polypropylene, which means it has the capacity of holding more tension for a longer span of time. Polyester strapping tends to have the cross-country hauls from one point to another and has several stops. In addition to this, there is polyester corded strapping, which can be easily tied up with hands with the help of a wire buckle. 

This is because it’s the cloth-type material that can be glued together, which eliminates the stretching, but that doesn’t take away the flexibility. It’s a perfect choice for rigid loads and helps absorb the impact during the transition. Moreover, it tends to be the perfect choice for people who are looking for more tension capacity as compared to PP. That being said, it can be sued for packing the following products;

  • Metals
  • Bricks 
  • Lumber
  • Tiles
  • Cans and bottle pallets 
  • Suitable for palletizing and stabilizing the heavyweight shipments 

Steel Strapping

The steel strapping is a less-used option, but it has gained popularity in railroad-based shipping needs. The most surprising fact is that it’s demanded by the government for railroad transport when the load isn’t held in the container. There are different options available in the market, so you can check in the market. As far as the material is concerned, stainless steel material is quite a famous choice when construction is concerned. 

When the steel strapping is bent around the pallet’s edges, but it is likely to lose around 50% of its strength. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s the most effective and the oldest strapping material out there and is used for heavy-duty application. The steel material won’t contract or expand with the application of load. So, when you secure it in place, it will stay the same. As far as the application is concerned, let’s check out some options;

  • Steel coil 
  • Bailing wire
  • Metal bundling 
  • Construction materials 
  • Industrial machinery 
  • Heavy manufacturing equipment
  • Railroad shipping 
  • Metal container closure 

Wrapping It Up 

With all the information available in the article, it’s quite evident that strapping can be utilized for packing and transiting the bigger shipment of cartridge boxes. In addition, we are sure you are capable of making the right choice. At WeCustomBoxes, we can help you choose the right strapping material that meets the needs of the business. All in all, strapping is a promising choice for protecting the products in shipping and for storage.


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