How to Look for a Rental Apartment When Moving to a New City

How to Look for a Rental Apartment When Moving to a New City

So you’ve decided to look for a rental apartment in a new city. You probably have dreams about your new apartment and how lovely it will be. However, finding one that suits your tastes and needs is often hard. The good news is that this article can help you. Below you will find a few tips that could prove to be very helpful in your search for the ideal rental apartment for you.

Do Your Research

Make sure you research the city so you can find out how much rent most people pay. If you’re looking for a 2-bed apartment, try to find out how much most people pay. Of course,  everyone will pay a different amount, but you should get a general idea.

Be prepared to compromise

You might have to compromise if you cannot find what you are looking for. For example, if you cannot find a 2-bed apartment, you might have to settle for a townhouse or a 1-bed apartment. Alternatively, you might have to share an apartment with other people.

Determine Your Budget

While you might be happy to pay $1,500 a month for your new apartment, you should make sure that you can afford it. How will you pay your rent if you are out of work? Do you need an apartment that costs this much or would a cheaper one be preferable? Remember, you might need to adjust your expectations if your budget is limited.

How to find a New Apartment Quickly and Safely

We’ve all heard of someone putting a deposit down for an apartment only to find out that they’ve been scammed. They’ve lost their money and they have nowhere to live. How can you stop this from happening to you? We’re going to look at this now:

Search through a reputable firm

One of the best things you can do to protect yourself is to search using a reputable firm. Make sure you stay away from advertisements on social media. Instead, use a real estate agent who has a good reputation. Look at their website, find the apartments they’re renting out.

Contact the company via email or telephone. If they do not have any options other than to send them a message via their website you should avoid using them. This is because they could be scammers.

Visit the apartment first

A great way to protect yourself is to see the apartment first. Ask to have a look around so you can see it for yourself. No one should refuse your request unless building work is being undertaken and it’s not safe. In this instance, you should find out when the work will be completed and when you can visit. You might have to wait some time, so be prepared to look elsewhere.

If you cannot visit the apartment because you live out of state, for example, ask someone you know to look around for you. Let them talk to you via video call.

Ask to see the apartment first if you cannot visit, ask someone you know – video call.

If they’re going to make changes ask them to put them in writing as you could have different ideas.

Find a Moving Company to Help

Rather than attempting to move everything yourself, you should ideally find a moving company to help you. The last time I moved house I searched for “local movers near me San Jose” and I was lucky to find a team of movers from a moving company located nearby. There will be some local helpers near you who will be more than happy to help you move. Just make sure that when you’re searching for moving helpers that you always get a quote.

Take a look at their website so you can determine how good they are. Read reviews and get a general feel for them. Ask for an estimate and see how quick they are to respond. If they’re worth hiring they will respond quickly. You can also find local removalists on sites like Muval, where you can compare a range of companies.

Common Rental Problems

Below, you will find a list of common rental problems that may seem like the end of the world. However, they can be dealt with before or after you sign on the dotted line.

  • Noisy neighborhood – Visit the neighborhood during the day and night so you can get a feel of the place. Don’t be afraid to ask locals what they think of the area. Ask them if it’s noisy and if there is anything they wish they had known about before they moved in.
  • The apartment is too small – Many people assume that the apartment they’re about to move into is the right size. However, once they’ve unpacked everything they could find that it’s too small. You can deal with this potential issue by measuring the width and depth of your furniture. Write these measurements down and find out how large each room is. If you’re going to be cramped you might need to leave something behind.
  • Secondhand smoke – No one wants to live with secondhand smoke. Try to determine how thick the walls are between the apartments. If they’re thin you might want to look elsewhere. Alternatively, you could fill in any gaps in the walls and install extractor fans.
  • Limited parking – Do you really need your car? You could use public transport instead. If you really do need your car consider renting an apartment that comes with a designated parking space.

How to Find a Rental Apartment

When you’re looking for a rental apartment you might be tempted to search online. However, there are other methods you can use. Take a look in newspapers as people still use them to advertise empty apartments. You should also walk around and see if there are any apartments or apartment blocks with rental signs displayed. Finally, please don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family if they know of an apartment to rent. Someone is likely to know of an apartment or a house-share that could be an option for you.

Use the above tips to help you find a rental apartment in a new city. Do your research and you’re much more likely to find a place that you love.


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