Going Cross-Country – Know Your Long-Distance Moving Options

Going Cross-Country - Know Your Long-Distance Moving Options

Maybe you just received a job offer? Perhaps you need a new start? In any case, you’re getting ready for a long-distance move.

The only issue is long-distance moving is a logistical nightmare. That’s why you’re here: you want to know your options. Fortunately, we can provide them to you.

Without further ado, here are your long-distance moving options. Keep reading to learn more.

Hire A Long-Distance Mover

The easiest way to move across the country is to hire a long-distance mover. This is as simple as calling up a local moving company and arranging a move-out date. They’ll come to your residence on that date, pack up your belongings, and then drive them across the country.

The issue with this option, as you might expect, is that it’s expensive. Professional movers will undoubtedly get your things to your new place in a timely manner but will charge a pretty penny in order to do so.

If you have the money, this is the route you should go and choose between the best long distance moving companies. If not, give some consideration to the options below.

Rent A Moving Container

An alternative to hiring a moving company is to rent a moving container. A moving container is a large, secure, waterproof box in which you can store all sorts of possessions. It can be used to hold everything from furniture to bicycles and more.

The plus of moving containers is that they’re cheaper than professional moving services, sometimes as much as thousands of dollars cheaper. Note, though, that they have some downsides as well.

For one, they don’t help with the moving out and moving in processes. You’ll still have to pack and unpack all of your boxes.

In addition, they might not do as good a job of keeping your items safe. They could shift around during transit, causing some of your possessions to move and break.

If you are interested in using a moving container, there are a number of companies you could reach out to. Some of the most popular include PODS and U-haul.

Rent A Moving Truck

Another option to consider is renting long-distance moving trucks and driving your possessions across the country yourself. This is cheaper than hiring a moving company, and could even be cheaper than renting a moving container.

There are several companies that will rent you a moving truck. U-haul is probably the most popular. Some other options include Budget Truck Rental and Penske.

Note, there are downsides to this option. For one, it requires you to pack up and unpack all of your possessions on your own. For two, it requires that you drive a large and cumbersome vehicle, something that might be a little intimidating for some.

Rent A Freight Trailer

There’s also the option to rent a freight trailer. This is essentially a large compartment that’s towed by a semi-truck. It will enable you to store all of your items in a single entity.

When you rent a freight trailer, the rental company will drop it off at your house. You’ll be given a few days to load it up, after which you’ll make a call, and the rental company will pick it up for you.

They’ll drive it to your destination and leave it there. Once you’ve arrived, you can unpack it, call up the rental company, and have them take it away.

This option is definitely cheaper than hiring a moving company, and will probably be right on par with renting a moving container or a moving truck.

Do It Yourself

If you don’t have any money to spare, you could consider making a move on your own. Just pack as much as you can into your vehicle and make the drive. You won’t have to spend a single cent (except for on gas, of course).

The problem with going solo is that, for most, it requires leaving substantial amounts of possessions behind. After all, you’re not going to be able to fit a couch into your Honda Accord.

You could try to sell a number of your possessions before embarking. This would yield you some money to help buy new possessions after you’ve arrived. Note, though, that it could end up being cheaper to just hire a moving company or rent a truck, for example.

In truth, we only recommend doing this if you have very few possessions. You don’t want to have to pawn half of your life away.

Ask Friends and Family

You could have friends and family that would help you move. If so, this could end up being the cheapest option overall. Not only would you save money on moving costs, but you could also prevent yourself from having to purchase new items after you’ve arrived.

Your mom and dad could transport your furniture. Your cousin Jimmy could transport your clothes. Your best friend Arnold could transport your knick-knacks. Meanwhile, you could transport your pets and other vulnerable entities.

Once you get there, you could take everyone out for pizza and make an event out of the whole experience. This might even be beneficial for your mental health, as you’ll get to be with those you love in your new home for a bit.

This is, of course, not an option for everyone. But if you think you could make it happen, it’s certainly worth the try.


As you can see, there are all sorts of long-distance moving options for you to choose from. By choosing one or a combination of these, you should be able to get everything to where you need it in one piece.


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