Real Estate Selling Tips – 5 Things to Do Before Listing Your Home For Sale

Real Estate Selling Tips - 5 Things to Do Before Listing Your Home For Sale

Are you thinking about making a big move by selling your home? The preparation of things to do before selling your house is just as important as the actual closing process. Not only do you have to set a correct asking price, but 40% of realtors also say that staging your home affects the outcome of your sale. Taking the time to get your home ready saves you the headache of wondering why it isn’t selling.

Here are 5 helpful tips to consider before you put your house on the market.

1. Know it Worth

Before making a home seller checklist, you should first get the market value of your home. You can do your own research online by comparing similar homes in the area. Keep in mind the age, square footage, and upgrades that you added throughout the years. Also, consider the number of rooms, backyard space, and location. Once you calculate an approximate price range, you can hire a realtor to do an official appraisal. When you find out more information on the worth of your home, you can know your budget for your next home. It will also tell you if you need to make any upgrades to boost its value. 

2. Have a Yard Sale

Next on your home seller’s checklist is getting rid of clutter. Having a yard sale will free up space for the next steps. It will also make moving easy as you will have less to pack and ship. Make several boxes and sort items that you would like to keep or sell. You can also have a box to donate that will include items that aren’t worth selling. Yard sale profits could add up to a hefty sum. You can use your cash to pay for the moving truck. 

3. Make Home Improvements

Once you have all of the non-essential items out of the way it’s time to evaluate your home repairs. You want to test the electrical outlets, make sure the lights work, mend cracked walls, and refresh the paint. While these small projects can make your home more move-in ready and appealing to buyers, larger projects can increase its value. Getting new bathroom tiles, kitchen cabinets, and sink fixtures can add up to big bucks. 

4. Clean and Stage

With construction out of the way, start with preparing a house for sale checklist by staging and cleaning. Walk from room to room as if you are the buyer. How would you prefer to see the room? Minimal furniture will help buyers imagine adding personal touches. Neutral color pallets and simple wall art appeal to a wide range of buyers.

5. Create Curb Appeal

On any seller checklist, real estate agents will add the importance of curb appeal. The outside of your home is the first impression for buyers. Add a fresh layer of paint, new shutters, and a colorful garden to make them feel welcome. 

Things to do before Selling Your House During Closing

Once you have received an offer for your house, there are a few things to do before selling your house while the contract is finalizing. Be prepared by changing your address, canceling your home insurance, and shutting off your utilities.


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