5 Easy AC Fixes For Common Problems

5 Easy AC Fixes For Common Problems

With HVAC systems costing as much as $6,000, the first step to any AC problem should be fixing the unit rather than replacing it.

Many people don’t realize how easy it is to diagnose and fix minor problems with their AC unit and end up wasting money when they can do the fix themselves.

Keep reading to learn more about our easy AC fixes to common problems so you can live a cooler life.

1. Clear the AC Drain

Some of the most common problems are caused by a clogged AC drain. If you notice any musty smells emitting from your indoor unit or the vents, you may need to clear the pipe. Here are a few more symptoms of a clogged pipe:

  • Standing water near unit
  • Water damage
  • AC not cooling your home
  • AC system randomly turns off

If you notice any issues even after clearing the clogged drain, it’s time to call a professional.

2. Replace the Filter

Depending on the AC unit you have, you might need to replace your filter every month. Most people can get away with it every three months, but for optimal performance, it should be more often.

Think about it; all of the air that enters your home runs through that filter. If the filter is dirty, you’re breathing in that nasty air, and it can cause damage to your unit.

Check your filter to see if it’s dirty by taking it out and shining a flashlight on it. If the light doesn’t pass through, throw it out and replace it immediately.

3. Recharge Coolant

If your air conditioner is working, but the air isn’t cold, that could mean you need to recharge the coolant. Running out of coolant can also mean there’s an underlying issue as well, such as a leak. This is best left to the professionals, so be sure to call them before attempting to do this. 

4. Check Your Vents

If some areas of your house seem cooler or warmer than others, it could indicate there’s an issue with your air system. It could also mean you need to do a better job at insulating your home.

Make sure your large windows have curtains or blinds to prevent the loss of cool air. Then, check each room and see if the vents are opened or closed. If the room is too cold, shut the vent halfway, and if it’s too warm, ensure the vent is completely open.

5. Clear the Unit

You want to feel that your AC works, not hear it working. If your AC sounds like it’s struggling, it most likely is. This can be caused by a broken belt or debris getting stuck in the motor.

Make sure to clean the area around your unit and pull out any twigs that may have fallen in.

Try These AC Fixes Today!

Now that you know our easy AC fixes for common issues, it’s time to try them right now. Remember to regularly inspect your AC unit, and always call a professional if the problems persist.

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