Get Some Essential Tips To Clean Your Driveway Through Pressure Washing

Get Some Essential Tips To Clean Your Driveway Through Pressure Washing

Your driveway may contain tough stains of mud and other dirt and therefore needs to be cleaned properly. A pressure washer can be used as a device that sprays pressurized water combined with the cleaning solution to create a new look to the exterior of your home. But you should make sure that you are using the pressure washer safely. Here are some guidelines that can be helpful for providing the cleaning service.

Use the Device Safely

As pressure washers are very powerful, they can damage a lot of things if not handled rightly. If you are applying the device, use a long-sleeved dress, goggles, gloves, boots, and ear protection. When you are switching the machine on, there should be no one within the range of the spray area. You should always hold a tight grip on the machine with both hands and remain careful before any movements. When it is windy weather, or there is a forecast of a storm, never apply the spray as they may return just back to you.

Select the Right Device

Pressure washers may come in both electric and gas models. Compared to the electric models, the gas washers are more powered and can apply up to 2800 pounds per square inch. On the other hand, electric models can perform up to 1700 psi. Therefore gas washers are more powerful and can clean 10 times more than electric ones. They create more noise and should be handled with caution so that wood and other surfaces do not get damaged. Absolute Cleaning Services of Portland helps you to clean your driveway with the right pressure according to your requirements.

Take Care of Your Plants

When you are using chlorine through a pressure washer, your rose garden may not look very rosy. After you have cleaned your driveway and other exteriors of your house, you should water your plants. This will help to clean the leaves if any cleaning solutions are left on them.

Initiate the Operation from a Distance

When you are trying to hit any surface with the pressure washer, you should start the operation from a safe distance. The initial pressure should be started 10 feet away, and then gradually, the pressure should move closer. The pressure needs to adjust until there is no grime left. If you want to get professional guidance on pressure cleaning, you may visit:

Repair All Broken Bricks

If you are going to wash the bricks, you should do research on whether there are holes or cracks in your bricks. You should repair those areas before initiating the washing process.

Understand the Nozzle

Different nozzles play different roles, and you need to know the right type according to your needs. Wide nozzles are useful for cleaning the sidings of your homes, whereas the narrow ones handle the tough grime on concrete or bricks.


When you are cleaning the exteriors of your house, pressure washers can be helpful in many ways. You should select the right tool with the right nozzle that is suitable for cleaning the sidings or the driveway of your home.


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