Eco-Friendly Practices To Make Your Event Stand Out And Make A Difference

Eco-Friendly Practices To Make Your Event Stand Out And Make A Difference

When issues like global warming, climate change, and pollution make the headlines every day, companies need to do everything in their power to adopt sustainable practices that focus on making our planet a healthier place to live in. Among the best ways of making a statement to the company’s stakeholders is hosting a green event. Some ideas on how to lower the carbon footprint of your next corporate event:

Engage Partners Who Share The Same Vision

Planning, organizing, and hosting an event is not something you can do all by yourself. You need to hire a wide variety of partners who can be responsible for the various activities that go into a successful event. Typical event partners will be responsible for logistics, venue, catering, meetings and workshops, entertainment, accommodation, and more. Explain your green agenda when you hire the event partners and find out how they can contribute to it.

Choose A Green Destination

The destination is among the most important factors for the success of an event. You can explore options that advocate eco-friendliness and sustainability practices. Many of these destinations may even offer some benefits to encourage you to hold your event there with packages focused on sustainability. Referring to the Green Venue Report or a sustainability index can help you to choose a green destination, says an event specialist at Academy Rental Group.

Consider Distance and Transportation

The choice of the event venue is critical because of several reasons. A high-class event venue encourages more people to attend, but you must also examine the distances. The greater the distance of the venue from the airport and your recommended hotels, the greater will be the carbon footprint. According to Forbes, It can help to have public transportation connecting the various places to reduce the sustainability impact. Group transportation can be effective in boosting eco-friendliness.

Search for Sustainability Certifications

You should identify close-by venues and hotels that also possess third-party sustainability certifications issued by recognized agencies like LEED, Green Key, APEX/ASTM, etc.

Reduce Energy and Water Consumption

Venues possessing sustainability certifications will focus on implementing high efficiency and minimizing waste. You should opt for venues with high ratings for sustainable practices and infrastructure. Additionally, you can promote conservation by keeping the lighting to a minimum and the HVAC off while moving in and out. Turning off the lights and other electrical equipment or putting them into a power-saving mode can also help. Do not use bottled water, and ask the caterer not to pre-pour the water glasses at the banquet.

Go Paperless

Sending email invites, arranging for an online booking system, and using an event app to communicate information, says Chiang Rai Times.


Going green when planning events is much easier than you would assume! All you need to do is to examine the environmental impact of each of your activities. Insist on each of your partners using reusable rather than disposable materials, and make it easy for the guests to segregate waste by keeping separate bins for recyclable and other materials. Try to use the least possible energy, water, and food to minimize waste. Encourage recycling and donating used and unused materials rather them binning them.


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