Staged to Sell – Six Tips for the Luxury Homeowner

Staged to Sell - Six Tips for the Luxury Homeowner

Staged homes often sell for six to 10 percent above listed price and sell in half the time, according to a 2015 survey by the National Association of Realtors. Before putting your luxury home on the market, up the ante by adding interior design elements that showcase opulence and attract buyers by allowing them to envision their own future in the house. Sellers need to disconnect themselves from the house and focus on what will appeal to potential buyers.

The luxury dynamic affects the staging process. Whether you hire a staging professional or go at it yourself, set your listing apart by using the latest techniques in luxury staging.

Target Your Buyer

Luxury home buyers want specific design styles. They are looking for more than just a house but rather a lifestyle. Take a targeted approach by adding principles that will resonate with this type of buyer.

Add décor that aligns with your home’s style and price range. High-end homes have unique detailing for definition. Integrate natural materials such as fine wood, marble and stone in the overall design. Stay true to the architectural elements, and install sophisticated lighting and home automation systems.

Start With Curb Appeal

When buyers approach a home, they make up their minds in 30 seconds whether it’s a candidate or not. Focus on your home’s front first:

  • Paint the exterior of the home, including the trim and door.
  • Install new hardware on the front door.
  • Update weathered light fixtures.
  • Clean up the yard by trimming bushes, grooming the grass and planting flowers.
  • Add landscape lighting (buyers will drive by at night).
  • Wash windows to a sparkling clean.

Light It Up

One of the design elements that helps a home feel lavish is lighting. Illuminate your art using special tracks with stylized heads. Install chic pendants in the kitchen or a vintage-inspired chandelier in the dining room — whatever your style.

Add floor and table lamps for indirect light and encourage natural light by opening curtains at the right time of day. Switch all light bulbs to LED, including those outdoors.

Upgrade Your Accessories

If you want your home to project a luxurious lifestyle, layer in accessories that give a home a rich feel. Add a few curated collectibles, incorporate culture and add rich fabrics to upgrade the space. Hang original art. Local artists and galleries will often lease artwork to increase exposure.

Invest in aesthetically and aromatically pleasing items such as fresh flowers, plants and essential oils. Natural integrations give the house a fresh yet lived-in feeling.

Update the Backyard

Showcase your outdoor living space by making a few design updates. Stain the deck and any fencing on the property. Remove faded patio furniture and replace with selections that help the buyer envision a gathering place for friends and family.

If you have a spectacular view being blocked, trim back foliage to make sure the panorama is unobstructed.

Don’t Forget the Garage

Make the garage appealing so potential buyers can visualize their luxury cars inside. Floors, walls and storage areas should be painted, stained and/or power washed. Replace beat-up shelving with more contemporary solutions, recommends luxury home specialist Gia Le, author of “Perthspective.”

Luxury design is timeless. It is sophisticated and rooted in function with layered details that are unique to each home. Help your luxury home stand out by staging a well-conceived and atmospheric environment.


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