Perks Of Having The Deco TV Frame From Its Elegant Look To Its Easy Customization

Perks of Having the Deco TV Frame from its Elegant Look to its Easy Customization

In its earlier days, a television was just enclosed inside a wooden box that blends in with the decor of your living room. The screen was quite small; composites and plastic were still unusual. However, the manufacturing capabilities, design preferences, and television use have changed over the time. The television has now become the living room’s center piece — and it does not just need to blend in anymore. The TV lost its plain looking hallmarks and turned into a big, black characterless screen that we know of today. For modern homeowners, a wall-mounted television is a popular pick, not just because it helps to save precious floor space, and also because it tends to make the room feel more spacious and relaxing. However, one of the lingering concerns with this kind of positioning is that if the television is not turned on, the screen will just look like a massive gaping black hole. This uncompromising look is therefore not fitting for homeowners with resolute preference. Whilst some clever homeowners have succumbed to hiding the TV behind some kind of sliding panel, many other homeowners are left with no other option but to just put up with this eyesore.

Taking into consideration the desires of modern urban dwellers, Samsung offers a simple yet a very stylish answer that turns your TV into something like a framed art work whenever it is turned off. You can even easily customize the bezels or the frames of Samsung the Frame TV – you can do it on your own or can opt for a myriad of options from Deco TV Frames who customizes intricate frames for this TV brand and model. Here are some of The Frame’s benefits (other than watching the TV) and why purchasing it is definitely worth it.

1. Enjoy the accessibility of an impressive array of stunning works of art from famous artists from all around the world.

In addition to the modern features of a 4K UHD Smart TV, Samsung the Frame TV has Art Mode that gives you access to Art Store (this may not be available, though, in some countries), so that you can try new pieces of art from Samsung’s world-renowned galleries, including that of the likes of Lumas, Artspace and Saatchi Art. A plethora of artworks are easily accessible, which include the works from well-known masters like Van Gogh and Monet. With nothing more than just a press of your remote control, you will be able to explore a variety of options and change its look whenever you feel like it.

You can also choose among many other categories from that of the complimentary compilation of curated art works by The Samsung Collection, which would include architectural designs, scenic photography and wildlife.

Since the Frame TV is built to have such a screen which is less glossy than regular tv, when displayed, it enriches the appearance of art pieces. Now you can keep your living room’s modern and classy look at any given time.

2. Easily change the bezels or frames of your TV making it blend on you current living room style

The TV bezel could be easily changed since it is magnetically attached. There are five bezels that you can choose from (beige wood, walnut, porcelain blue or white) and you can get one free bezel when you purchase the Frame TV. You can therefore guarantee that your TV meshes well with your home’s overall aesthetics, especially with a TV aerial installation Belfast offers to customers in its region.

You could also opt to up your game up a purchase uniquely designed frames for your Samsung the Frame TV from Deco TV Frames. Deco TV Frames have a wide array of frames you can choose from – from traditional, contemporary, rustic or transitional Samsung TV frames. All the frames are customized and are pre-made to make sure that it exactly fits the size of your Frame TV. These frames can also be easily assembled and can be installed in just less than two minutes.

3. Can make your TV appear like a part of your picture wall

This is one reason why Samsung the Frame TV has been popularly known for its catchphrase that a television when turned on and an artwork when it’s off. It can easily blend into your wall just like a picture frame.

The Samsung Frame TV is perfect in blending in with other photo frames that are decorated on your wall instead of just putting it up as like any other television console. This way, visitors would not even notice where your TV is placed –this would be certainly an intriguing concept and a great topic to start a conversation

Additionally, you can upload and “frame” your favorite photos of you and your family. You can always personalize the way you exhibit them, like showcasing them with or without borders, or perhaps as a collage of pictures.

4. Can create a slideshow of your favourite pictures

You can easily customize what you want to show on your slideshow. You can choose from your personal favourite art works or pictures and create your very own photo compilation. You can upload pictures effortlessly through the use of your smart devices or simply from a USB drive. This way, you are not just stuck with just one photo showing permanently on the screen of your TV.

5. Has an elegant and seamless look with its minimal gap between the TV and the wall

Samsung the Frame TV’s no gap wall mount guarantees that your television will hang flushed against the wall, just like with any of your other hanged picture frames. The Samsung Frame TV’s One Invisible Connection 2.04 of the Frame TV also enables all devices to all be connected to that of the One Connect Box via a single slim cable, eliminating wire clutter as well as untidy cables at the back of the television. This five meters long, thin wire lets you keep your devices away from the television and the power source of television, leaving your living room clean and tidy.


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