Easy Steps To Perfectly Design Your Custom T-Shirts

Easy Steps To Perfectly Design Your Custom T-Shirts - Marcus Anthony - The Pinnacle List

The idea of putting your design on t-shirts is fascinating considering the popularity custom-designed apparel has gained lately. But it is hard to create a plan that catches eyes and serves its purpose.

All of us like to wear t-shirts. As they make an ideal clothing option for most occasions, many people wear them. However, there are times when you are not able to decide which t-shirt you should buy. In such a situation, it will help if you have a list to buy those t-shirts. You can get answers to any questions you have and go on to buy the t-shirt you want.

To help you create better t-shirt designs, we have compiled a few easy steps you should consider before you reach out to make custom t-shirts, and these are:  

Determine why you need custom t-shirts

People use custom t-shirts for many purposes. You may need them for branding purposes, such as ourselves at The Pinnacle List, when Marcus Anthony appears in YouTube videos, or you may need them for other specific promotional purposes. Whatever is the reason, figure it out before you sit down to create a design.

Set your budget and quantity

Defining the budget and quantity for custom-designed t-shirts will help you decide on the right design, as these two factors impact the design. If budget isn’t a constraint, you can use different colours to make the design stand out.

Know your printing options

Many printing methods are available these days, each used for specific purposes. For example, screen printing is ideal for high-quality prints in a cost-effective manner. On the other hand, digital printing saves you time and gives you more design options. The best course of action is to work with a reliable print-on-demand Canada company to guide you on the correct method.

Brainstorm your design

Now comes the designing part. Before jumping into the final design, make sure you sit with your friends or professionals to figure out different ways to create the same design concept. The more time you put in the designing part, the better the outcome.

Find a designer

Although a few designers can help you create the best design suiting your needs, a designer will put things into perspective. The right one will tell you about your idea and whether your design reflects it or not.

Look for a printer

Once you have finalized your custom t-shirt designs, the next step is to look for a reliable printer that will bring your idea into reality and finish the process like a pro.

If you’re committed to selling top-quality shirts, your best option will be to invest in a direct-to-garment printer like the Epson SureColor F2100 to get the quality you expect. Next, you’ll want to ask some questions to figure out which t-shirts to use:

1. What kind of t-shirt do you need?

The first question you should ask is about the kind of t-shirt you need. It means that you first need to know whether you wish to wear casual t-shirts, fancy t-shirts, or sleeping t-shirts. Once you are sure about the kind of t-shirt you need, you can start with your shopping list and buy the t-shirts that suit your requirements. Look for soft garments, as this will ensure that you feel comfortable when you wear them.

2. Would they have the right fit?

The second question you should ask is about their fit. As you will wear t-shirts most of the time, you need to check whether they have the right fit or not. One way to do this will be to check the size of the t-shirt and buy it. If you are unsure about the size, you can either try the t-shirt or ask about their sizes. Go for t-shirts that fit well. If you are uncertain about the measure at a particular store, you should look for those t-shirts elsewhere.

3. How to choose the color?

Finally, it would help if you asked about the colour of the t-shirts. When you buy the garment, you should put some thought into the colour you buy. There are times when you wish to purchase a t-shirt in vibrant colour, but you end up purchasing a not-so-good t-shirt. To avoid that scenario, go for a t-shirt that has a bright colour and complements your skin tone.

Creating better t-shirt designs doesn’t have to be complicated, provided you know how to do it. The steps mentioned earlier will help you make better designs and give you the best returns possible. 

Whatever your motive for creating a t-shirt, it will always include some branding. If you’re utilizing t-shirts for marketing, your primary aim is to brand them. Even if your business is just in the fashion industry, you’ll need to incorporate consistent brand concepts throughout all of your items. You want to make sure your t-shirt graphic conveys clear purposes, such as personal branding.

You’ll need to know where your shirt fits in the market, so do some research to find out what your consumers like. Personal preferences are a fine place to start; however, measurable data always wins out over guessing when marketing to the mass.


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