Duplex Home Or Apartment – Which One Is More Suitable In Murfreesboro, TN?

Duplex Home Or Apartment - Which One Is More Suitable In Murfreesboro, TN?

Murfreesboro has a wide variety of residential properties available for purchase and rental. Apartments and duplexes are the most popular alternatives. Some differences between the two units can make one far superior to the other. Read on the writing below:

Pros and Cons of a Duplex

The pros of renting or purchasing a duplex are as follows:

  1. More Space: Duplexes are larger than apartments, so they have more space. Duplexes may accommodate visitors and have several uses. The unit’s occupants have their own areas. Duplexes have backyards and front lawns for family time.
  2. Customizable Unit: In Murfreesboro, TN, duplexes allow you to personalize your room more. Duplexes are frequently rented by private landlords rather than real estate companies; thus, tenants can request permission to paint or decorate the apartment.
  3. Small Neighborhood: You share common spaces with one neighbor in a duplex. This simplifies backyard, driveway, and other outdoor space sharing. Living in an apartment building with multiple neighbors is harder than living with one roommate with the correct limits.
  4. Good Privacy: Duplexes are more private because you just share a barrier with one family. When the duplex is side-by-side, you can split your area for additional privacy, even if you might share a yard. Outside, you won’t feel like you’re invading your neighbor’s space.
  5. Great Facilities: Duplexes sometimes have house-like facilities. They may have garages, driveways, backyards, and in-unit laundry.

The cons of renting or purchasing a duplex are given below:

  1. Availability: Duplexes are hard to find because they are rare. Due to their larger size, they are less common than apartments. They are less common in urban areas, so your best bet may be to look for an apartment.
  2. Living with the Owner: Some property owners choose to live within one of the units themselves to cut costs and speed up the payoff of their mortgages, which means you may have to move in next door to them. Having such close quarters with your landlord raises the possibility of friction, even in the most well-defined landlord-tenant relationships.
  3. Delays in Maintenance: As most duplexes are privately held, the landlord might directly take care of the repairs and maintenance around the unit to save money. Since this will cause delays, the renter will have to handle some of these responsibilities on their own.

Pros and Cons of Apartments

The advantages of renting or purchasing an apartment are:

  1. Availability: Apartments are the most frequent type of urban housing. They are perfect for city workers and students who desire to commute less due to their central locations.
  2. Sufficient Amenities: While living in Murfreesboro, TN, you may find many apartments, including a range of amenities for tenants. Most flats have dishwashers and AC as well.
  3. More Options: As an apartment seeker, you have many options. They come in various sizes and styles, giving you more options.
  4. Cost Less: Since duplexes are larger, apartments may be cheaper to rent. The smaller the apartment, the cheaper the rent is.
  5. Easy Maintenance: Apartment dwellers don’t have to shovel snow or mow the lawn. A maintenance worker or company may handle all apartment complex repairs, reconstructions, and additional necessities around the building.

The disadvantages of renting or purchasing an apartment can be:

  1. Smaller Size: Apartments are smaller than duplexes. People who prefer spacious flats may find them smaller and less spacious.
  1. Severe Rules: Most apartments have strict rules about what you can and cannot do in the unit. Some apartment complexes don’t allow painting or pets.
  1. Less Privacy: Apartments have additional neighbors, limiting privacy. There may be no privacy outside your flat.
  1. More Noise: You may have residents on both ends of the flat, below and above. Living with noisy neighbors will cause problems.

Differences Between An Apartment And A Duplex

Looking at the above-mentioned pros and cons of both types of accommodations, we can come up with the following differences:

  • Design and Structure: Duplexes consist of two separate dwellings on separate floors, joined by an elevator or an interior staircase. The lower level of the duplex is where you’ll find the living quarters and kitchen, while the upper level is where you’ll find the bedrooms and other private spaces. On the other hand, apartments can have everything from completely open floor plans to more traditional room divisions. In some other apartments, the layout combines the two, with some rooms being more open than others.
  • Cost: Location is a major factor in the overall cost of renting an apartment or duplex, just as it is with any other type of housing. Due to their larger floor plans, duplexes may have higher monthly rents than most other apartment types.
  • Neighbors: Given that a duplex consists of only two dwellings, you may only have one direct neighbor. The opposite is true in apartment complexes, where you are more likely to have neighbors on both ends of your unit, above and below.
  • Location: A duplex is a type of multifamily dwelling typically located in the suburbs or on the outskirts of a city, while an apartment is typically located within or very close to a town center.
  • Amenities: Apartments offer standard conveniences found in most rental units, while duplexes provide additional home-like features, including porches, in-unit laundry, driveways, and garages.
  • Common Areas: Unlike apartment complexes, where multiple tenants typically share communal spaces, a duplex’s common areas are shared by just two occupants.
  • Management System: Private landlords that might or might not also live on the premises typically operate as duplex landlords. However, a property management business is more likely to handle leasing apartments in a multi-unit structure.

Final Words

It’s essential to take account of your requirements before making a rental or purchase of a residence you’ll be happy to call home.

In Murfreesboro, TN, duplexes typically offer more square footage than apartments, requiring less communal upkeep. Consider that a duplex will run you more money and offer fewer layout alternatives. So, check out the abovementioned differences and only choose the most suitable option for you and your family.


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