Does Architecture Affect the Value of Your Home?

Does Architecture Affect the Value of Your Home?

It may seem an obvious statement, but the style of a home can indeed have a major effect on its respective value. This may be rooted in artistic merit but architectural choices have also become a big part of business and profit. In a competitive market, many sellers are eager to do all they can to get an edge and maximise their returns from a sale. So it isn’t enough just to know that architecture has some effect – you’ll want to know-how. This could go either way in terms of raising or lowering a household’s value, depending on the kind of outside perspective and/or expert advice you get. Here’s a rundown of what to look out for and how to get the best sale for your own home:

Style and Atmosphere

A core element of skillful architecture is the general vibes it gives off to its surroundings. People like to live in a house that they feel has a certain unique character to it; aside from those they share it with, this is what makes it feel like ‘home’ over time. Its atmosphere could be partly circumstance – for example, if it’s already an aging building with appealing old-style design – or intentional, as seen in new homes with deliberate modern aspects. These can be artistic and flashy or highly structured in nature, but what’s important is they have something that defines them as special to someone. Try to use your home’s strengths based on what you already have to work with whether it’s a bungalow, ranch or contemporary design.

Size Matters

The size of your home goes hand in hand with its architectural structure. Naturally, larger homes are more likely to be subject to higher valuations. Bear in mind though that how the space is used in and around your home is the most important aspect of this. How much square foot it covers does have an effect, but so does usable space for those who are going to be living in it next. This generally doesn’t count the likes of garages, attics or basements; rather the core living space such as bedrooms and bathrooms. These are two of the most vital rooms for size and decor as they’re particularly dependent on residents feeling more comfortable when using them. Overall, aim to consider both quality design and quantity of space equally when making your choices.

Upgrading and Updating

If you feel the current state of your home could use a makeover before selling, it’s time for an update. This goes alongside the previous point, because if you’re adding or updating something in your home then you’re also likely increasing the size and therefore the value of it. Consider how the architecture of this update might enhance it even further. Probably best not to go completely against the design of the rest of your home, but think about how small improvements can enhance its overall impact on potential viewers and buyers. As previously mentioned, bathrooms can be an important element for many people in making their choice, and it’s no coincidence that this room is one of the most popular choices for home improvement/makeovers among many homeowners looking to increase value over time.

Pick the Right Expert Advice

When you feel you’ve done the hard work, there’s a key extra step in unlocking the true value of your home. That is getting the right house valuation for a quick house sale from professionals who really know what they’re doing. This will normally start with a completely free online valuation based on their knowledge gained from market testing, before a more in-depth one later in person if you’re happy with how things are proceeding and confident in moving forward with plans to sell. Getting a strong initial valuation from experts can boost not only your confidence but also ensure you’ll attract the right kind of buyer for your home.

There are of course many other aspects to consider in evaluating a home. But increasingly architecture has become a core part of this, as modern designs have created so many different styles that it is a constantly evolving process. This can make selling a home today both exciting and more stressful without the right expert advice behind you. Choose your path wisely, but embrace and enjoy it along the way.


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